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Reflections – Past Posts

God has earned my trust. I would accept if God’s ways sometimes made no rational sense, but I just don’t think that is the biblical case. I believe God is far more comprehensible than incomprehensible than given credit for, and I experience God as totally satisfying relationally. For those who struggle to understand certain aspects about God that may cause unbelief or despair, this is why I enjoy writing.

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08-14-18   Rethinking The Bible – We Can’t Know Biblical Writers Understood God Perfectly!

08-10-18   How Does The Holy Spirit Mentioned In The Bible Guide Us?

08-08-18   How Know Terrorists And Extremists Don’t Know What God Is Really Like?

08-03-18   How Can Our Nation Handle Differences Less Chaotically?

07-29-18   Do We Determine Good From The Bible Or Our Consciences?

07-24-18   Is God A Warmonger Or A Pacifist?

07-19-18   What Is Most Critical Solving Our Nation’s Differences?

07-16-18   What Do You Get When Mixing Politics And Religion?

07-11-18   Did God Really Inspire All Of The Bible?

07-08-18   Dear President Trump

07-05-18   What God May Really Be Like!

06-30-18   Is God Mysteriously Immoral Or Morally Perfect Humanly-Speaking?

06-25-18   Who Gets To Say What Is Right Or Wrong?

06-23-18   If God Hated Animal Sacrifice, What About Jesus Supposedly Having To Shed Blood On The Cross?

06-20-18   Are We Better Off With A Fallible Than Infallible Bible?

06-15-18   Why Our Views Of Female Roles According To The Bible Matter?

06-11-18   Is The Flood And Genesis Literal Or What Was The Writer’s Point?

06-07-18   Why Doesn’t God Prove Themselves If Real?

06-03-18   A Fallible As Opposed To Infallible Bible Isn’t Problematic

05-29-18   Hell No!

05-27-18   Isn’t Uncertainty About God Less Chaotic Than Certainty?

05-24-18   Pope Francis On How A Good God And Suffering Can Possibly Co-Exist

05-21-18   Would God Forgive If Jesus Wasn’t Murdered?

05-16-18   How Can We Read The Bible If Not Infallible?

05-14-18   What Are Dangers In Assuming The Bible Infallible?

05-10-18   Is Uncertainty Worse Than Certainty Since The Bible Isn’t Infallible?

05-07-18   Why Doesn’t God Communicate Clearer If The Bible Isn’t Infallible?

05-04-18   How Can We Know God If The Bible Isn’t Infallible?

05-02-18   How Would God Provide An Infallible Book Anyway?

04-29-18   Questions If The Bible Isn’t Infallible Or Every Word Isn’t Inspired By God?

04-25-18   Why Can’t What Works For Marriage Work For A Nation?

04-22-18   How Can We Read The Bible If Not Infallible?

04-18-18   Is Certainty About God All Good And Uncertainty About God All Bad?

04-15-18   If The Bible Can Be Misunderstood, What Isn’t God More Direct?

04-13-18   How Can We Know God If An Infallible Book About God Doesn’t Exist?

04-11-18   Why Assumptions About The Bible’s Infallibility Matter?

04-08-18   Was the Bible Written For Specific Solutions To Problems?

04-05-18   How Must We Handle Our Political And Relational Differences?

04-01-18   Is God A Blood-Thirsty Child Killer?

03-28-18   If God Didn’t Inspire The Bible, What Was God’s Role?

03-25-18   Open Letter – Parents Who Worry Their Child Isn’t Going To Heaven Because Of Beliefs

03-20-18   How Can Good People Avoid Misrepresenting God?

03-17-18   We Can’t Know What God Is Like For Certain – Is That So Bad?

03-14-18   Open Letter To God-Followers Who Believe Gays Are Immoral?

03-11-18   Concluding Remarks About God And Women

03-09-18   How Have So Many Possibly Gotten The Bible And God Wrong About Women?

03-07-18   How Can We Know What God Thinks If Not The Bible?

03-04-18   Does The Bible Definitely Say God Thinks Roles Are Based On Gender Than Gifts?

03-02-18   Does Jesus Speak To Christians?

02-28-18   Can We Determine God’s Views On Women According To The Bible?

02-26-18   What Problems Arise If Roles According To Gender Than Gifts?

02-22-18   Why Matters What Men Think A Woman’s Role Is?

02-20-18   Why Matters What God Thinks A Woman’s Role Is?

02-16-18   What Is God’s Greatest Desire For You?

02-14-18   Being Your Valentine’s Valentine!

02-10-18   Is Church Always The Best Place To Grow Spiritually?

02-07-18   Why Wouldn’t God Give Second Chances After Death?

02-04-18   Can There Be Justice If God Gives Second Chances

02-02-18   Does God Demand Admiration And Obedience Or We Can Go To Hell?

01-25-18   Hell Can’t Exist If God Is Moral

01-22-17   Will We Be A Bystander Or Hero?

01-17-18   Do Thoughts On Justice Hint Of A Need For God?

01-12-18   Q & A – What If Bible Not Infallible Or Misrepresents God At Times?

01-08-18   Does Some Violence In The OT Make Sense In Light of Terrorism?

01-02-18   How To Decide Which Issues To Die On A Hill For?

12-28-17   Is God’s Lack Of Directness And Invisibility Out Of Compassion?

12-23-17   Why Might Be The Greatest Mistake Good People Make?

12-19-17   What Is Meant That God Inspired The Bible?

12-15-17   Why Does It Matter If God Is Morally Perfect Humanly-Speaking?

12-11-17   How Can We Know Our Thoughts Or Feelings Are From God?

12-07-17   What Is At Least One Action By Bible-Believers To Deter Terrorism?

12-02-17   Why Might People Not Have A Relationship With God Though Wanna?

11-28-17   What Is God’s Main Way Of Communicating To Us?

11-22-17   What To Do When Our Morality Clashes With Others?

11-19-17   Were All Old Testament Laws, Including The Crazy Ones, God’s Idea?

11-14-17   Did God Really Desire Animal Sacrifices?

11-09-17   Are There Plausible Caring Reasons Why God Doesn’t Communicate More Directly?

11-02-17   What If Biblical Writers Didn’t Always Have Perfect Impressions Of God?

10-28-17   What Are Dangers In Misunderstanding Violence Contributed To God In The Bible?

10-23-17   Would It Matter If You Knew God Was Morally Perfect?

10-16-17   We Can’t Use The Bible To Suggest A Caring God Condemns Homosexuality!

10-13-17   How To Understand Evil Portrayals Of God In The Bible Rather Than Rationalizing?

10-08-17  Can We Make Sense Of The Bible If Not Infallible Or Has False Portrayals Of God

10-06-17   Reasons You Don’t Feel Close To God Though Wanting To?

10-01-17   Steps Toward Undividing Our Nation

09-26-17   How Can A Divided Nation Unite More

09-24-17   The Danger In Not Reinterpreting Violence In The Bible And How To View?

09-20-17   It Can Be Freeing To Know How God Communicate To Us!

09-15-17   How We Know There Is No Hell And Hope Of Heaven For Loved Ones!

09-08-17   How We Know A Good God Is Not A Bigot Toward Females!

09-04-17   How We Know A Good God Is Not A Bigot Toward Gays!

08-31-17   What Is God Really Like?

08-27-17   How Can We Know What God Is Really Like?

08-23-17   Why Does It Matter What You Think God Is Really Like?

08-19-17   Can We Make Sense Of Violence And Genocide In The OT Supposedly Approved By God?

08-10-17   Rethinking God And Punishment!

08-03-17   How Do We Make Sense of Crazy OT Laws In The Bible And God’s Supposed Approval? 

07-27-17   God, Must We Forgive Those Who Admit No Wrongdoing?

07-20-17   How Can We Understand The Bible When God Is Portrayed As Immoral?

07-13-17  If Jesus Didn’t Die To Save Us From A Non-Existent Hell, What Did Jesus Save Us From?

07-08-17   How Do We Handle Opposing Views of God With Others?

07-03-17   What Hinders You From Being More Spiritually Focused?

06-29-17   Why Is Discussion About God And Spirituality So Important?

06-25-17   Rethinking If God Is Evil By Being Uncontrolling!

06-22-17   Rethinking If God Is A Doomsayer Out To Destroy The World!

06-16-17   Rethinking If God Is A Genie When We Pray!

06-06-17   Rethinking If God Is A Church-Going, Traditionalist!

05-28-17   Rethinking If God Is A Blood-Thirsty Child Killer Via The Cross!

05-21-17   Rethinking If God Is A Bible Worshipper!

05-15-17   Rethinking If God Demands We Convert Others!

05-11-17   Rethinking If God Is A Religious Extremist!

05-07-17   Rethinking If God Is Hidden Or Knowable!

05-02-17   Rethinking If God Opens Heaven To All!

04-28-17   Rethinking If God Is A Hellish, Sadistic Torturer!

04-24-17   Rethinking If God Is A Homophobe!

04-20-17   Rethinking If God Is A Sexist!

04-17-17   Rethinking If God Is Mysteriously Immoral Or Morally Perfect!

04-13-17   Rethinking If God Is An Angry, Egomaniac!

04-09-17   Rethinking If God Is Dogmatic About Beliefs!

04-05-17   Rethinking If God Is Dogmatic About Spirituality!

04-03-17   Time To Rethink God – God May Not Be Your Problem In Pursuing Spirituality More!

03-29-17   How Can One Not Gay View Gay Love?

03-27-17   What If God Was Inspiring Not Compulsory?

03-23-17   What If Our World Looked For Truth In All Faiths?

03-19-17   What If Our World Disagreed Respectfully?

03-16-17   My Journey – Is The Bible Infallible Or Human?

03-11-17   Benefits Of Being A God-Follower Emotionally?

03-05-17   Please Don’t Reject A Gay Child In God’s Name!

03-03-17   It’s Ok If The Bible Isn’t Infallible!

02-26-17   What Is The Ideal Parent? Is God?

02-21-17   What Is A Relationship With God On A Feeling Level?

02-17-17   The Biggest Angsts Being A God-Follower – No More!

02-15-17   How Can We Know What Is “Truth”?

02-10-17   How Can A Good God Command The Flood And Other Atrocities?

02-07-17   Is God A Pacifist?

02-05-17   What If God In The Bible Condones Immorality?

02-01-17   Does The Bible Say God Causes Us To Do Evil By Hardening Our Hearts?

01-30-17   What Can God Do For Me?

01-27-16   How The Heck Does Prayer Work?

01-24-17   Why Wouldn’t God Give Second Chances After Death?

01-20-17   Maybe God Does Communicate Clearly!

01-16-17   What’s Required To Believe In God Or Have A Relationship?

01-12-17   What Is The #1 Myth About God?

01-09-17   Can We Know What God Is Really Like?

01-06-17   The Bible May Defend What You Believe Must Be True About God?

01-04-17   Trust Your Gut Or Others About God?

01-02-17   God-Followers Don’t Have To Be Awkward Or Defensive Talking About God!

12-29-16   Do You Believe God Is Really Relevant?

12-26-16   Jesus – Real Or Myth?

12-23-16   What If God Doesn’t Know The Future?

12-19-16   The Crucifixion Isn’t Just About Blood And Anger!

12-16-16   Trust Our Heart Or Others When Reading The Bible?

12-13-16   Is There Any Excuse For Not Being Spiritual?

12-10-16   Why Would God Bring About The Bible Due To Misuse?

12-06-16   Was Jesus Real Or A Legend?

12-03-16   What Is God Saving Us From If Not Hell?

11-30-16   Does God Accept Us Despite Our Doubts?

11-28-16   Does The Natural World Condemn Unbelief In God?

11-23-16   God Doesn’t Judge Only On Beliefs!

11-17-16   The God Of The Bible Doesn’t Condemn Homosexual Love!

11-15-16   How Do You Describe A Relationship With An Invisible God?

11-11-16   What Does God Really Say About Getting Eternal Life?

11-07-16   God, Some Evils Serves Absolutely No Good Purpose But Do More Harm?

11-06-16   Does God Control Everything? Is There Really A Reason For Everything?

11-03-16   Can We Stop Using The Word “Sinner” For All!

11-01-16   What Is The #1 Advantage Of Being A Spiritual Person?

10-30-16   Certain Explanations Of Jesus’ Death Don’t Impact Our Relationship With God!

10-27-16   What Is The Bible Referring To With The Word Hell?

10-24-16   How Does God Guide Us In Decisions?

10-21-16   Which Flawed Candidate – Trump Or Clinton?

10-19-16   What Is The #1 Reason People Avoid Spiritual Discussions?

10-17-16   Getting To Heaven Doesn’t Depend On What Others Say You Must Believe!

10-15-16   God, Why Not Communicate Clearly To Unite More In Understanding You?

10-13-16   Does God Really Suggest Letting Enemies Or Betrayers Continue to Abuse Us?

10-10-16   Being A God-Follower Doesn’t Have To Be Awkward For You Or Others!

10-07-16   What Is The Greatest Benefit In Being A Spiritual Person?

10-04-16   Why It Matters That God Doesn’t Know The Future?

09-30-16   Isn’t True Religion Being Non-Religious?

09-28-16   How Can I “Easily” Become More The Person I Want To Be?

09-26-16   Black And Police Lives Matter!

09-23-16   What Harm Is There In Demanding Certainty?

09-19-16   Does God Communicate Clearly Enough?

09-15-16   Is Every Word Of The Bible Inspired By God?

09-11-16   Do I Really Have To Thank God For The Bad Shit?

09-08-16   How Can The Religious Hurt True Religion?

09-05-16   What Might Be Grave Consequences Of A Tyrant View Of God?

09-02-16   September 2016 – Reflections On August Posts

08-31-16   Why Getting Into Heaven Doesn’t Depend on Certain Beliefs?

08-27-16   What Can Beginnings In Genesis Teach Us Whether Literal Or Not?

08-25-16   Is The Bible Useless If Has Errors?

08-22-16   What Beliefs Killing God’s Reputation Might Change Your View Of God?

08-19-16   What Is God Like And How Can We Know?

08-15-16   What Might God’s Justice Look Like After Death?

08-12-16   Is Your View Of God Working For You?

08-07-16   There Is Hope For God’s Grace After Death For Our Loved Ones!

08-02-16   Why Is There Hope For God’s Grace Beyond The Grave?

07-28-16   Is Your Understanding Of God Determining Your Attitude Toward God? What If…

07-24-16   Really Good News About God And Repentance When We Keep Failing!

07-22-16   Can We Know What God Is Really Like As Understandings Form Attitudes?

07-20-16   Should I Read The Bible? – Depends!

07-18-16   Are Certain Supposed “Truths” More Important Than Love?

07-13-16   Why Don’t I Insist On Certain Beliefs To Pursue God Or Spirituality?

07-10-16   What Do We Tell Others God Believes – Gender Roles For Example?

07-07-16   What Is All God Really Cares About?

07-04-16   What Is The Main Reason We Know God Isn’t A Religious Extremist Or Terrorist?

06-29-16   Can We Stop Saying “Love The Sinner; Hate The Sin” To Gay People!

06-26-16   Should We Really Pray For Miracles?

06-19-16   How An Undetermined Future In God’s Mind Can Be Freeing?

06-15-16   Why Bother Since Prayer Doesn’t Really Work?

06-13-16   Why Is Human Reasoning (Brain) Important To Understand God And The Bible?

06-09-16   How Does An Invisible God Talk To Humans?

06-06-16   What If God Is A Lie Or Delusion?

06-03-16   What Is The Only Thing God Is Dogmatic About?

05-31-16   Does God Accept Those Who Doubt The Resurrection Or Even God’s Existence?

05-28-16   Does God “Love And Cherish” More For Richer Or Poorer?

05-26-16   Can We Only Think Of Spirituality in God-Terms And Why It Matters?

05-24-16   Why Isn’t God More Obvious And Less Invisible?

05-21-16   Why Aren’t People More Spiritually Focused?

05-19-16   What Is Being Spiritual And Are You?

05-17-16   Did God Command Genocide In The Old Testament?

05-13-16   Do Some Old Testament Laws Prove God Is Inhumane?

05-10-16   Are The Ten Commandments Written In Stone Such As Honoring Parents?

05-07-16   So What If The Bible Has Errors!

05-05-16   What Kind Of God Kills Firstborns (Passover) And Then Celebrates The Occasion?

05-01-16   Is The Cross About God’s Or Our Conscience?

04-28-16   Is God A Homophobe?

04-27-16   Is God A Child Killer In The Story Of Abraham And Isaac?

04-25-16   Can Words Such As “By The Grace Of God” Be Offensive?

04-21-16   Why Might It Be A Good Idea To Conceal Our Good Deeds?

04-19-16   What Does The Most Popular Verse In Bible Really Mean?

04-15-16   What Are Some Ways To Combat Terrorism And Extremism?

04-14-16   How Can One Read The Bible Without Being Totally Frustrated?

04-12-16   What Is The Greatest Sin Of All In God’s Eyes?

04-09-16   Why Does God Oppose One Christian Nation?

04-07-16   What Can A Friendship With An Invisible God Be Like?

04-05-16   Did Jesus Want To Mystify Others By Talking in Parables?

04-02-16   Why The Heck Did God Initiate A Relationship With A Bunch Of Laws?

03-30-16   Are We Better Off Without The Bible?

03-27-16   Why Wasn’t Jesus Simply Ignored?

03-26-16   “WHY GOD” Can’t You Control All This Madness?

03-23-16   What Is The Main Difference Between Holy Wars Today And Old Testament Wars?

03-21-16   Is There Any Justification For God’s Warrior Behavior?

03-18-16   What If God Isn’t A Misogynistic, Blood Thirsty, Homophobic Kind Of God?

03-16-16   Do We Always Forgive The Guilty Though They Deny Wrongdoing?

03-14-16   What’s One Assumption Hurting God’s Reputation The Most?

03-12-16   What’s The Problem With Claiming Spiritual Certainty?

03-11-16   Who Is Spiritual And How Can We Encourage More Spirituality?

03-10-16   Are God’s Morals Ours Or Can God Do Whatever The Hell God Wants?

03-09-16   Why Do Religions Such As Christianity Need To Get Out Of The Conversion Business?

03-08-16   Can One Be Spiritual But Not Religious?

03-07-16   Why Do Non-Religious Spiritual People Avoid Spiritual Discussions?

03-04-16   Why Must We Have A Spiritual Focus?

03-02-16   Why Would A Loving God Approve Of Animal Sacrifice?

02-28-16   Did Jesus Die For His Beliefs Or Because of God’s Wrath?

02-26-16   Reading The Bible For Today – Turning The Other Cheek

02-22-16   What May Be The Main Reason Religion Is Not Having A Greater Impact?

02-19-16   What Do Sinners Have To Offer Others About God?

02-15-16   Does God Have Any Sacred Beliefs Other Than…?

02-11-16   Should We Be Wary Of Forcing Certain Traditions Or Customs?

02-09-16   Can Reading The Bible Be Simple And Worthwhile?

02-05-16   Can We Make Any Sense Of The “Law” In The Bible?

02-04-16   Did Jesus Oppose Divorce?

02-02-16   Does God Get Pissed When We Mess Up?

02-01-16   Does God Really Care About Their Ego?

01-28-16   Does A Focus On God’s Love Than Anger Cause More Wrongdoing?

01-27-16   Did Jesus Lay Down His Life To Appease God Or Convince Us?

01-24-16   How Can Heaven Be A Happy Place With Regrets?

01-22-16   What Did Jesus Really Come To Save Us From?

01-20-16   What Does God Really Hope For From Us?

01-17-16   What Did Jesus Really Say About Heaven And Eternal Life?

01-15-16   What Are Nonsensical Explanations When Defending God’s Actions?

01-13-16   Did Jesus Say Love Or Hate Your Family?

01-12-16   Did Jesus Teach Self-Abuse By Turning Other Check Or Loving Your Enemies?

01-11-16   Did Jesus Really Threaten Others With Hell?

01-09-16   Are We Better Off If The Bible Was Less Confusing?

01-08-16   Are Their Plausible Reasons Why God Seems So Hidden or Distant?

01-05-16   Why Is Freedom Of Beliefs So Important In Religion?

01-03-16   Why Do Some Pursue God And Others Don’t While On Earth?

01-02-16   How Should God-Folks Share Their Beliefs?

01-01-16   How Can We Know God’s Voice If Not Audible?

12-28-15   Are We Better Off With Or Without Churches?

12-26-15   Questions One Might Ask About Heaven, Hell, And The Afterlife

12-26-15   Does It Matter If There Is Heavenly Freedom?

12-24-15   Are There Consequences If We Don’t Speculate About Heaven?

12-21-15   Why Atheists And Unspiritual Folks May Be In Heaven?

12-21-15   What Might A Christian Extremist Believe?

12-20-15   What May Happen After We Die?

12-19-15   Can We Understand Prayer And Avoid Disappointments?

12-17-15   Why Didn’t God Make The Bible Less Confusing?

12-15-15   Does God Really Allow Freedom Of Beliefs Unlike Extremists?

12-14-15   What I Wish Others Might Consider Are True About God?

12-13-15   Why Does God Hide From Us Physically Or Not Be More Obvious?

12-09-15   Are There Rational Answers To Why God Allows So Much Suffering?

12-07-15   Does God Desire Friendship Or Demand Obedience Like Terrorists?

12-05-15   Why Did God Create Freedom Since Leads To So Much Suffering?

11-29-15   Did Jesus And Should God-Folks Have A Spiritual Agenda With Friends?

11-26-15   If There Life After Death?

11-24-15   What Did Jesus Really Come To Say And Do?

11-18-15   Does The Bible Reveal God Or The Writers Are Sexists?

11-15-15   Are God Actions In The Bible The Same As Jihadists Or Extreme Islamists?

11-14-15   What is Awkward Spiritual Language?

11-09-15   Why Does It Matter What You Think God Is Really Like?

11-01-15   Does God Believe In Freedom Of Belief Or Ethnic Cleansing?

10-27-15   Does God Condone Horrible Actions Toward Our Enemies According To The Psalms?

10-24-15   Does It Matter Christians Are Hypocrites?

10-18-15   How The Hell Do You Get In Heaven – Will We Be With All Our Loved Ones?

10-07-15   Is God Immoral When Hardening Hearts?

10-06-15   Is The Bible A Blessing Or Curse?

10-4-15     Is God Immoral For Condoning Slavery In The Bible?

10-02-15   Does Our View Of Suffering Matter?

09-20-15   How Does God Seek To Change The World?

09-06-15   What Are Unhelpful Excuses We Make For God?

08-30-15   Did God Approve of Child Sacrifice Like The Other gods With Abraham?

08-23-15   Does God Control When We Die And Does It Matter?

08-12-15   If God Truly Exist Why Does God Seem So Hidden?

08-09-15   Why Didn’t God Create Heaven On Earth In The Beginning?

08-01-15   Did God Really Create Evil? – A Book Review

07-04-15   Did God Approve Of Genocide In The Old Testament?

05-24-15   Does Everything Really Happen For A Reason?

05-07-15   Does God Think We Are All Wretched?

04-25-15   What Did Jesus Mean “Love Our Enemies?”

04-11-15   Did God Approve Of Land Grab And Genocide In The OT?

04-04-15   What Is The Big Deal About Easter?

03-31-15   How Do We Discuss God With Others According To Jesus?

03-28-15   Hell Is A Myth!

03-15-15   Are Some Christian Beliefs Similar To Religious Extremist Beliefs?

02-28-15  What Are Reasons For Prayer Frustration?

02-25-15  Why Is It Important To Believe Jesus Died For Relational Than Legal Reasons?

02-21-15   How Can We Have A Better Prayer Life?

01-25-15   Why Is It Important To Believe God Is Not A Mystery?

01-09-15   Why Is It Important To Know God Is An Unconditional Lover?

01-03-15   Have The End-Time Already Happened According To The Bible?

12-27-14   Can We Make Any Sense Out Of Suffering?

12-14-14   Are Only Christians Loved By God And Go To Heaven?

12-07-14  Should We Be In Awe Of God?

11-28-14  Can The Bible Be Divinely Inspired If Teaches…?

11-22-14  What Is Church In The Bible And Why I Stopped Going?

11-21-14   Is The Bible We Have Possibly Inspired By God?

11-15-14   Did Jesus And Should We Have An Agenda With People?

10-15-14  What Is The Most Important Thing?

10-15-14  What Does The Bible Really Say About Heaven And Life After Death?

10-10-14  How Do We Really Receive Eternal Life Or Immortality?

09-24-14 Is God Really Any Different Than Other gods With Child Sacrifices and Infidel Killings?

08-28-14 Is The Bible Really Needed If God Is In Our Hearts?

08-10-14  What Really Is The Simple But Elegant Gospel?

07-20-14  Should We Tell Others About God The Way Jesus Did?

06-29-14  Doesn’t The Bible Answer The Problem Of Evil?

06-14-14  Isn’t Christianity Better Off Without Denominations?

05-25-14  Don’t We Know What God Is Like Because Made In God’s Image?

05-03-14  Does God’s Unconditional Love Or Anger Really Change The World?

04-26-14  Is God Immoral Or Hypocritical In The Old Testament?

03-02-14  Why Isn’t Christianity Having More Of An Influence?

02-01-14  Doesn’t Shit Just Happen In a Free World?

01-18-14  Isn’t Parenting Pursuing Intimacy By Not Pissing Children Off?

01-05-14  Does It Matter How We Define God’s Sovereignty?

12-29-13  Is God A One-Sided Or Mutual Submission Kind of God?

12-26-13  Isn’t Inherited Depravity And Calvinism Utter Depravity?

12-21-13  A Brief Explanation To God, Evil, And Suffering – Does God Really Care?

12-10-13  Isn’t The Bible And Human Reasoning Important In Understanding God?

11-30-13  Is God Unjust For Allowing Suffering?

11-24-13  Why Isn’t Christianity Having More Of An Impact?

11-02-13  What Is Grace Better Than The Law?

10-29-13  Doesn’t Job Give Some Answers To Suffering?

10-20-13  Why Does God Allow Us To Experience Pain?

10-02-13  When Are The Bible And Theology Dangerous?

09-22-13  Was God Immoral To Destroy Entire Cities Including Innocent Women And Children?

09-14-13  Does A Legalistic View Of The Cross Undermine God’s Love?

09-10-13  How Do We Discuss God With Others?

09-04-13  Does God Want Us To Love Or Fear God?

08-24-13  Does God Really Hate Esau But Love Jacob?

08-11-13  Is God Rational Humanly Speaking?

07-30-13 Is God Infatuated With Self-Glory?

07-04-13 How Much Does God Really Love Us?

06-09-13 Are Christian Beliefs Our Worst Enemy?

05-17-13 Does God Really Care?

05-04-13 Why Did Jesus Die On The Cross?

05-04-13 Is The Cross About God’s Anger Or Love?

04-27-13 Does Job Say Suffering Is Unexplainable?

04-07-13 Is God A Mystery According To The Bible?

03-18-13 Is God A Universalist?

02-09-13 Why is Sharing God With Others So Hard?

01-16-13 Hell? NO!

12-16-12 Do Our Beliefs About God Matter?

11-04-12 Can We Know God’s Will?

10-05-12 Is God Understandable Or A Mystery?

09-25-12 How Can Praying Really Work?

09-24-12 Is It Coincidental Or God?

07-14-12 Does God Control The Day We Die?

07-14-12 How Do We Love Our Enemies?

07-02-12 How Does God Interfere With Suffering?

05-28-12 Is Our Answer To Suffering Helping?

04-29-12 Is There A Time To Not Forgive?

03-03-12 How Does God Really Bless Us?

02-12-12 Is God Controlling Or In Control?

01-21-12 Why Did God Really Come In The Flesh?

12-26-11 Whose Convictions Live By If Disagree?

11-29-11 Why Did God Create And Allow Freedom?

11-20-11 Is God Obsessed With Himself?

11-06-11 How Can One Live More Purposefully?

10-14-11 Is God More Human Than You Think?

10-14-11 What Is Being In The Image Of God?

10-02-11 Does God Have A Perfect Will For Our Life?

09-11-11 Can Any Good Come From A Catastrophe?

09-04-11 What Kind Of Parent Is God In Hard Times?

08-10-11 Is There A Quota On God’s Grace?

08-04-11 Relationships – Fear Or Loved Based?

07-22-11 An Answer To God, Evil And Suffering?

07-16-11 Must We Obey To Be Loved By God?

07-02-11 Must We Believe In Absolutes?

06-02-11 Can We Ask God For Anything And Get It?

05-23-11 How Does God Bless Us?

04-01-11 Does God Whisper To Us?

03-15-11 Gender Roles – Mutual Submission?

02-14-11 Happy Valentine’s Day!

12-28-10 Why Does God Allow Personal Tragedies?

11-21-10 Is Forgiveness Unconditional?

10-24-10 Why Did Jesus Really Die On The Cross?

10-21-10 God, Why So Much Suffering?

10-16-10 God – Explainable or Incomprehensible?

08-28-10 Biking With God!

06-13-10 Fearing God Is For Babies And Evil Folks!

03-16-10 What Is A Relationship With God Like?

02-13-10 Why Doesn’t God Stop Natural Disasters?

01-31-10 Why Doesn’t God Stop Evils Such As The Holocaust?

01-16-10 Why Such Sacrificial Rituals In The OT?

12-25-09 Jesus’ Letter About Christmas

12-12-09 Does God Give Us More Than We Can Handle?

11-13-09 Husband – Leader Or Servant?

10-07-09 Does God Promise Us Our Every Need?

09-12-09 What Is God Really Like?

08-29-09 Does God Promise Health Or Richness?

07-18-09 Must We Always Forgive?

06-21-09 Being A Dad

06-20-09 If God Knew About Evil, Why Create?

06-02-09 Did God Know Adam And Eve Were Going To Sin?

04-19-09 Is God Secretive About His Will For Us?

04-04-09 Why Isn’t God More Audible Or Visible?

03-05-09 What If There Isn’t A God and The Bible Is Fiction?

02-14-09 Is Marriage Complicated Or Just Hard To Do?

01-17-09 Through What Lens Do You View God?

12-28-08 HELL!

12-24-08 Prayer – Why Bother?

12-13-08 Why If There Is A God Is There Evil?

11-24-08 Our New President and Politics

11-23-08 The Meaning of Life – Who Cares?






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