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Would we really be better off if God communicated audibly or visibly? We still would have to make choices to do what God advises. Doing is more important than believing. You may believe the stories in the Old Testament. God dropped manna from the sky and separated the Red Sea to escape one’s enemy, but the Israelites didn’t instantly put their total trust in God forever. Jesus’ miracles did not obtain the results some may suggest if God would stop hiding.

God may not speak to us demonstratively out of love

Just because earthly parents sometime know and advise what is best for their older child, such advice doesn’t always work out. In fact, overzealousness can lead to feeling controlled, thus rejecting what is best for one’s own good. God’s awing or overwhelming presence may only lead to fearful obligations to obey. The road traveled of learning, reflecting, and not being pressured may best lead to lasting convictions and more meaningful relationships.

Besides, God can’t make future decisions for you

It is natural to think an all-knowing, powerful God has special insights into future outcomes. But to say God knows the future suggests a predetermined future which makes freedom nonsensical. Not even God knows how current decisions will turn out for you or God. God joins us relationally in a free, unknown future. God’s plan can’t be a detailed blueprint but a general one to set us free to love. God hopes as we do that our actions make a positive difference in the world.

Does God really have to tell you what to do morally?   

A Creator surely doesn’t create their creations to be clueless about love. Rational beings know they should love loves others like they want to be loved. Many decisions are obvious wrong – murder, abuse, adultery, etc. God doesn’t have to speak. Many decisions aren’t black and white, even for God. Do we speak up about one’s behavior or risk driving them further away? God joins us in considering risks to change the world for better.

God doesn’t have to speak to influence

Influences in our life don’t have to be audible or certain. My parents aren’t alive, but I still sense their influence. God can’t tell us either that our decisions will work out. God deals with a free world also. God is hoping with us that our decisions will make for a better world. Don’t we sense God’s influence when we have thoughts to be the perfect partner, parent, or friend we desire to be deep down. I sense God’s encouragement to continually strive to make the best decisions I know at the time. God isn’t as hidden as we might think and it may be for our own good.

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