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Open Theology

Open theists suggest the Bible’s emphasis is much more on God’s openness then knowing history and actions in advance which better preserves the integrity of human freedom and responsibility. Traditional theists suggest to defend God doesn’t know the future is to limit God and is not the best biblical account. But, isn’t it possible God can still be omniscient (all knowing) and not know the future, if the future is not knowable or predetermined? God is everywhere in the universe at the same time, so God’s knowledge is unimaginably extensive. With God’s omniscience (complete knowledge) and God’s omnipotence (unlimited power, authority, influence), one can imagine how God does not loss control though the future is open. God certainly knows what miracles they will perform in the future such as the virgin birth, but this does not violate anyone’s freedom. I believe the open view is superior from a relational point of view with our Creator. Is it easier for the majority to worship a God who accepts no resistance or a God who gives freedom?

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