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I cringe when well-meaning people passionate about God say in the public arena “we need a biblical worldview” or start conversations like “according to the Bible.” Are they unaware that their understanding is according to their interpretation of a Book? Those with different interpretations aren’t rejecting God. Besides, God in the Bible sought to convince not force. We can speak of God in our personal lives without implying God commanded a new world order.

Truths aren’t hidden in a Book

No reasonable human being doesn’t respect the universal compulsion to treat others like we want to be treated. Moral truths aren’t hidden in the Bible or any Book. The Bible certainly can be a resource to explore what God may be like, but we were born to use our moral sense whether reading a Book or not. We must be careful what we claim are Truths. Most rational people would surely agree sexual abuse is immoral. We can’t declare certain immigration or climate matters are Truth. We must have open discussions which laws are the most caring for the greater good.

Proclaiming a “biblical worldview” is misleading 

God loving people don’t agree what the Bible says for many moral issues. Your biblical worldview may be wrong. Besides, we can’t prove God controlled the writings of the writers to always portray God accurately. It is just as likely that the Bible is uncontrolled writings in hopes to encourage contemplating what a loving God is really like. Writers may have wrongly contributed certain actions to God. Did God really approve of laws burning alive sexual offenders (Lev 20:14, 21:9)?

It matters what we claim the Bible says 

Biblical scholars don’t agree the Bible condemns same-gender loving relationships. A biblical worldview doesn’t necessarily condemn gays. See here. Many claim the Bible says that women can’t fulfill the same roles as men in the worship or home setting. This mentality can filter down to our wives, daughters, and friends and stifle their gifts. Scholars don’t agree that Paul, a main writer of the New Testament, thought roles should be chosen based on gender than gifts.  See here.

Uncertainty can lead to acting more loving 

Continually evaluate the most loving approach is better than claiming certainty and being wrong. See here.  Stop demonizing by moralizing. God-followers must stop claiming their biblical view is morally superior among the religious or non-religious. God never attempted to force a worldview on all. God may not speak to us demonstratively out of love. The road traveled of learning, reflecting, and not being coerced may best lead to lasting convictions and more meaningful relationships.

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