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Sin of Certainty

“Most humans do not apply reason to the endeavor of independent inquiry, but to figuring out how to integrate with a group, get along with its members, and benefit from them. The loner must fend for himself. It’s extremely difficult to acquire or achieve anything all by oneself. If you leave your group, your options are limited to joining the opposing group or being alone. For most of us, neither option is appealing. Being your own person is a tough business.” – John Leake

It isn’t science or “biblical truth” if there isn’t debate!

What Do Religion And Science Have In Common Unfortunately?

Why Do So Many Believe Something To Be True That Is Debatable?

Why Can’t We Disagree As A Nation And People?

What Is Destroying Us As A People?

What Really Is “Truth” About Science Or God?

What Do Science And Religion Have In Common In Dividing A Nations?

Why Can’t We Disagree About Politics?

How Do We Know What Is Truth?

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