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Can We Stop Saying Our Nation Needs To Get Back To Biblical Truths?

Well-meaning people, especially politicians who represent those who believe in a God and those that don’t, say things like “we need to get back to biblical truths” as a nation.” But those who appreciate the Bible don’t all agree what the Bible claims God thinks about gays, women, destiny of unbelievers, etc. Different interpretations of the Bible are normal. We need to find a way to speak of our personal beliefs without assuming all are necessarily committed to the Bible, God, or agree what the Bible claims about God.   

Belief in God or unbelief is not an excuse for chaos

Politicians often claim or imply that our rights are given by God. Any such belief is personal not universal, or one is claiming God doesn’t desire a mutual relationship. Self-evident rights may be found in a Book or natural law, as we all have an inborn sense of good and evil. No rational being argues sexual abuse isn’t evil. We can though have healthy debates what climate policies are for the greater good. We can share our personal beliefs in God and other matters in the public arena without imposing or assuming we all agree what biblical values are.

Biblical truths are debatable

Hell is often used in religion circles to scare one into a commitment to God. Some commitment if just looking to avoid burning forever after death! Biblical scholars and laypeople don’t agree what the Bible says on Hell. Some argue unbelievers burn in Hell after death. Others believe the Bible reveals all when meeting God will become convinced their Creator is loving and desire to live for eternity with God. Circumstances here on earth may prevent such belief.

Religious folks often claim views contrary to their own views aren’t biblical. But even if you believe the Bible is inspired by God, the Bible requires interpretation. It is often said we best know God according to “biblical truths.” The truth is contrary biblical interpretations exist for many moral issues. No one can claim their truth is God’s truth according to the Bible. Yes, the Bible says murder is wrong but that is an obvious truth to those that don’t have a Bible.

Insisting on biblical truths often leads to misrepresenting God

It’s logical to suggest we can’t always be certain what an invisible, inaudibly God thinks, but supposed certainty has led to justifying slavery and other atrocities. Certainty has led to condemning gays, though scholars who accept Scriptures as authoritative, don’t agree the Bible disapproves of same-gender loving, monogamous, consensual relationships. Women, though gifted, are denied entrance into the priesthood or pastorate in God’s name. Often uncertainty, not certainty about God, protects against imposing possible false beliefs about God. God surely is able to reveal their Likeness to individuals who desire a relationship.

 Can We Stop Saying “Everything Happens For A Reason”!

Can We Stop Saying “Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin”!

Can We Stop Saying Our Rights As A Nation Come From God? 

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Was God As Violent As Old Testament Claims?

God commanding violence in the Old Testament makes no sense in light of New Testament emphasize on non-violence. Check out I Sam. 15:3 where God says: “Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them: put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.” Many OT passages advocate violence in God’s name.  If you don’t think this is morally shocking to many, think how you would react if you read this same command in the Koran. How do scholars justify these commands by God in a book God supposedly inspired thus seemingly approved how God is depicted?

Bible inspired view #1

Many scholars may hold on the idea that God inspired the Bible because if not inspired we can’t know then what God is truly like. Those who suggest God approved or agreed with every word declared about God defend violent passages in several ways:

  • God is God, these are special circumstances, so God at times may make commands that seem contrary to human moral intuitions. The Bible advises we should imitate God but how can we do that if God’s actions seem evil at times? Are we to imitate those actions?
  • Warfare rhetoric was common in ancient literature to induce fear and victory. But, even if God wasn’t meant to be taken literally, why would God inspire violent metaphors to specifically include women, children, infants, and animals? Even human leaders don’t use such rhetoric.

Bible inspired view #2

Some scholars suggest that God inspired/influenced the Bible, but sometimes God allowed the writers to get God wrong to contrast with Jesus’ teaching about God. But “inspired imperfection” leads to guessing what passages are true views of God and which ones are not. Even if you believe in “inspired perfection,” you still must interpret if the language is warfare rhetoric or exactly what God meant to be carried out. Using our moral intuitions in deciding what God is like and would do is unavoidable.

An uninspired view of the Bible may be a better option

I think most would assume God approved what the writers penned if God inspired or influence such a thought. God either controlled the writers’ thoughts and writings to perfectly represent God, or God did not control writers reporting their views of God even if false portrayals. Writers/editors of the Bible didn’t intentionally lie but were honest about their understandings of God at the time. This may explain violence wrongly contributed to God. I doubt God inspired any writings contributing acts of violence to God in the OT. 

Why it matters?

People read the OT and since it contradicts their intuitions of a loving God, they tune out God. Who blames them! How do you follow One you don’t respect? Also, the Bible says: “Follow God’s example…” (Eph. 5:1). We know evil people are looking for an excuse for violence; good people may be trying to be obedient to God and sincerely believe their circumstances may warrant what God commanded in OT times. After all, God inspired such views. We might know God better if we assume the Bible isn’t inspired. One cannot avoid using their moral intuitions when it comes to interpretation or statements made about God in the OT. Do you have a hard time believing the OT’s God at times? I got a hunch you are right! Don’t leave your moral brain at the door!

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Why Do So Many Believe Something To Be True That Is Debatable?

We must first accept something to be questionable when rational people have a different opinion than yours, whether it be scientific or biblical truths. Many have insisted on a literal Hell according to the Bible and suggested you must repent and have faith in Jesus to go to Heaven or then you go to Hell. But many who respect the Bible don’t believe the Bible confirms a literal Hell. See here.  The Bible may not say as much about Heaven as one may think. See here. Is it more comforting to believe what our leaders are teaching than to question and be uncertainty about such matters as the afterlife?

Leaders insist on certainty 

We hear all the time we need to get back to biblical truths. The problem is leaders and churches don’t agree on moral issues according to the Bible when it comes to Hell, gays, women, those of other religions, etc. There is is less certainty according to the Bible than acknowledged. We are told God and the Bible condemns gays. Many scholars are convinced the Bible doesn’t condemn monogamous same sex relationships. See here. The truth is leaders must stop being so damn certain despite what anxiety or challenges that may cause themselves or others! 

Followers expect certainty

Certainty rather than uncertainty comforts individuals psychologically. One may believe the seemingly certain narrative because unknowing can create anxiety. Who doesn’t want to know Heaven is real when actually the Bible says very little about heaven after death but about heaven here on earth. Besides, disagreeing with church leadership and others can lead to isolation and loneliness. It doesn’t matter if those who proclaim certainty have good intentions or believe their ideas are right about God. They may be wrong!

What are the consequences of avoiding uncertainty?

When only one side is presented, control and power grow intentionally or unintentionally. It should be intuitive denying diverse opinions is unloving and controlling. Most don’t except such behaviors in their personal relationships. Having good intentions by believing you are right for the whole doesn’t matter when certainty isn’t obvious. A refusal to openly discuss or defend one’s views suggests an unhealthy dependency on “certainty.”  

Is there any Truth? 

Certain absolutes are universal and obvious to all rational beings.  Does any reading not believe physical or sexual abuse is wrong? No reasonable God or non-God person doesn’t respect the golden rule in relationships. If one insists they are right and you are wrong, the discussion may need to end. Not all laws are necessarily universal truths such as length of punishment for certain crimes, but at least in a democratic society laws are voted on. Chaos results if the law isn’t followed, though laws can be changed through representation or vote.

How do we deal with uncertainty? 

Leaders must be empowered to be open-minded than certain. I left the institutional church due to dogmatism, then constantly be divisive. We can try to engage with those who insist on certainty when it doesn’t exist, but in time one may need to move on. We can stop labeling those who disagree with our biblical interpretations as heretics. We can stop calling those who disagree with our views of science as conspiracists. Imagine how different as a people we would be if religious and political folks were open to discussions for the common goal of pursing the greater good!

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Why Doesn’t God Stop More Suffering?

Some suggest God doesn’t cause suffering, but allows it to bring about a greater good. The problem is that greater good doesn’t always come about. A surgeon may have to break open your chest to save your life, but what purpose is served from rape, torture, betrayal, murder, deception, corruption, incest, and genocide as if part of some grand plan?  From this twisted perspective, evil is good! God never wills or desire suffering. God desires to always bring joy to all. 

God’s love cannot be controlling 

We must come to some understanding why a loving God doesn’t stop a lot of suffering. A perfect God’s love must be uncontrolling just as it can’t be manipulative. Perfect power is uncontrolling. Ask older kids about their parents! A God who supposedly can prevent suffering but doesn’t is no different than a parent who stands by and watches their child suffer. Keep in mind God doesn’t have hands and feet but is a Spirit. Evil and suffering in the world may be because God cannot intervene single-handedly without being controlling. God can’t interfere in suffering without human help.    

Why did God bother creating freedom? 

It is not logically possible for God to create freedom unless there is the possibility of love or hate.  I don’t know of any human parent who brings children into the world not desiring their children freely reciprocate their love as opposed to being forced. Without freedom we could accuse God of not creating the very best world where only true, authentic relationships can develop. Freedom allows human to develop qualities of moral character that cannot be created initially.  Freedom cannot guarantee a pain free universe. 

God not interfering may be the most compassionate

If I try to force my rebellious son to do right presently, he may further rebel or stay away forever. Not stopping my son may be the only hope I have that he eventually freely chooses good and experience joy from that. If I am patience and allow time for possible moral development, then he may freely choose to trust I have his best interest in mind. God didn’t create suffering to foster dependency; God created freedom out of love. Controlling love can have negative consequences.

Possible explanation for lack of healings 

Lots of prayers asking for healing are obviously not answered. If God can control disease and other evils, we are left to assume God’s love is infrequent. Miracles don’t happen because some people are less sinful or beg better at the feet of an arbitrary God. Conditions in our body may not always be right. Various biological and environmental factors are involved such as cells, organs, etc. If God doesn’t deny human freedom, it may not be a stretch to say God has to account for natural freedom as well. Miracles can happen when God’s uncontrolling love aligns with countless factors known and not known. God surely intervenes by all means when circumstances will allow.

Where is God?

An uncontrolling God may not always be comforting, but controlling love is an oxymoron. God has to be true to their loving nature. God is always doing all they can to stop suffering, but seeking God’s influence in our lives can be powerful. My seeking to influence others for good with God’s help is how I can best impact this world for good. A world seeking God’s guidance is unimaginable.

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