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One main reason I write is to encourage people to think about and discuss their spirituality more openly. I think people are less inclined to do so because God-folks often have conversations with hidden agendas and certain views about God turn people away. Religious people did that as well in biblical times. I write about what I am convinced God is really like. Jesus defined spirituality as simply loving others as you want to be loved. Becoming more spiritual-minded is essential for a better world.

I do not wish to discourage anyone in their beliefs about God. I understand some of my writings may be upsetting to some who grew up in church and I am not suggesting you continue to read what I have written. I do know that certain characterizations of God can discourage others from seeking God. For those I hope you might read some thoughts that you haven’t heard about God as you work out with God your understanding of the Creator.

Writing is my conversing with God to hopefully continue to become a better husband, father, friend, and neighbor. I am convinced God’s unimaginable love and not gloomy uncertain of God’s favor is what truly inspires acts of selfless love toward others. I confess I write a lot about the same things centered around characteristics of God. I often just think of new titles and different angles for posts I have written to encourage others to consider how to have more of a relationship with their Creator.

I grew up being taught certain beliefs about God that prevented a closer relationship. I have come to know God is very much like me as a parent – concerned about a loving relationship. My passion is to help remove stumbling blocks that may prevent others from getting to know what God is really like. I am convinced the God of the Bible I have come to understand is worth getting to know.

We can know in our hearts what God is like without the Bible, just as rational people can agree on evil and non-evil. But, I believe the Bible has incredible wisdom that can make our relationships even richer. I will reference the Bible some or not at all to relate to those familiar or not familiar with the Bible. But, the Bible can be used to claim anything according to our interpretation.

Beliefs matter personally and relationally. Certain beliefs can turn us and others we speak to toward or away from God. Let’s discuss our views gracefully to work out our own convictions with as much consistency as possible. I am convinced our Creator deeply desires to have a relationship with each one of us, thus empowering us to love others as we want to be loved.

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I would love if you read this Page first. It states my current beliefs that I hope will whet your appetite to continue to read further. I confess that I write about the same general convictions about God from different angles. Our understandings about God affect our attitudes about God which can hinder pursuing spirituality

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In my books  there are chapters on topics such as how evil, suffering, and God’s goodness coexist, does God favor men over women as leaders and teachers, is God really a hellish, sadistic torturer, is there a quota for getting in Heaven, is God obsessed with His own pleasure, is God a warmonger, why bother with prayer, and must we forgive our abusers who do not admit any wrongdoing.

I was skeptical of certain viewpoints I was taught or heard growing up about what God was really like. Since then I have sought answers. I think it is critical to explore spiritual matters. If there is a Creator then surely The Creator has insight into our purpose and how to be truly happy and look back on life with fewer regrets. I may be wrong regarding my interpretations of the Scriptures, but I pray you will be challenged to study and make your own conclusions. I believe once you get to know God the way I understand God, you will be totally satisfied.

The Letters To My Children tab was written to my children over the years. Kids, you can run but you can’t hide! I have tried to resist going back and editing them. I don’t think there is anything terribly embarrassing. Parents can’t just sit down with their children and lecture them about things we wish them to consider. I wanted my children and perhaps their children to know what I believed in. Parents reading the letters might consider how they can reach out to their children to leave a legacy for their children and future generations. Let’s be honest though. If parents wish to have the greatest impact on their children, it is not through the spoken or written word but by just “spending time spending time with them.” That was easy for me. As a teenager I dreamed of having children and loving them as my heavenly Parent loved me. If you knew my children, you would say I got it easy. We don’t always agree, but they are a joy to be with.



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