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This phrase is often used by Christians or God-believing people. One’s motive may be to support that God is in control, thinking “how can a God be all-powerful if not able to control everything that happens.” But perfect power is uncontrolling. A perfect God’s love can’t be all-powerful. See here.  A God who supposedly can stop suffering but doesn’t is no different than a parent who stands by and watches their child suffer.

A controlling God leads to believing God chooses or allows everything

It is only logical to suggest that if God is all-controlling, God is responsible for everything good as well as bad that happens. Is ever rape, every family member murdered, every person who has experienced evil at the hands of others because God allowed it to happen. If God allows something to happen, that means God could have stopped evil but choose not to. What loving parent or God would do that! We must think more carefully about what we mean by God is all-powerful.

A controlling God leads to wondering what God is trying to teach us

It is hard enough believing a good God would allow a child to be sexually abused for some greater reason. A surgeon may have to break open your chest to save your life, but what purpose is served from rape, torture, betrayal, murder, deception, corruption, incest, and genocide as if part of some grand plan? From this twisted perspective, evil is good! A woman desperately desires to have a child all her life. She can’t at first but a miracle supposedly happens. But then nine months later the child is stillborn. God is supposedly wanting to teach her something; yet, God never communicates the lesson. No wonder people loss faith in God with such advice.

What if God isn’t in control?

Evil and suffering in the world may be because God cannot intervene single-handedly without being controlling. God can’t interfere in suffering without human help. Imagine what God could do if an entire world sought God’s guidance! God creating such freedom makes it possible for true, authentic relationships to develop. Forced love is an oxymoron. God has to be true to their loving nature. God is always doing all they can to stop suffering with the help of others.

But what hope is there if God won’t eventually control the battle against evil? 

If God cannot control and be loving, the logical question is how can we hope that God and goodness eventually win out. Many Christians believe the Bible teaches that God will one day come down to earth and wipe out evil. But such end-times spoken of in the Bible may refer to times only in the first century, not suggesting the earth as we know it coming to an end. See here.  Another possibility is that one day we may all meet our Creator, after life here on earth, to discuss our afterlife. Many may freely choose to live a life under God’s guidance. Freedom here on earth may be the necessary first step to prepare for such a decision. Jesus suggested what life lived here on earth best prepares us for such a decision.

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