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Honestly, I don’t know all the reasons one may be more inclined to want a relationship with God. A belief or unbelief in God is hardly a personality flaw or makes one more or less moral. I grew up believing there was a Creator. I was also taught many views of God that I now hate. I have no idea why I didn’t rebel against the whole idea of a God as many understandably have.

We can’t prove God exists or doesn’t exist. Either belief requires faith. If a perfect, loving Creator does indeed exist, it seems intuitive that understanding perfect human love is how to understand God’s love. Are misunderstandings about God a hinderance to those inclined and wanting to feel closer to God? Since God doesn’t speak to most people, we can only discern what God is like by examining our moral intuitions, our consciences. We aren’t always certain how to best love, but most of us would agree we ought to love others as we want to be loved.

Understandings of God can shape attitudes 

We can only be as close to God as our mental images of God allow. We may not pursue God more because we assume certain claims made about God are true, or God is like the poor role models we have had who claim to represent God. The God often portrayed by others condemns gay people, shows partiality toward men over women despite the history of men abusing power, and God supposedly created Hell to torture people after death if they don’t discover the right beliefs before death. Many claims about God just can’t be true if God is good. See here.

Why doesn’t God intervene more in suffering? 

The problem of evil and suffering is a main reason people indicate why they don’t believe in a good God or can’t get close to God. A God who can prevent evil but doesn’t is no different than a parent who stands by and watches their child being physically or sexually abused. Answers like “everything happens for a reason” doesn’t suffice for many of us. Maybe even an all-powerful God can’t prevent evil that leads to so much suffering. If evil is some grand scheme God can control, why does the Bible say God hates evil so much. Does God hate God?

Controlling love is a contradiction in terms. God’s nature requires their love to be unselfish and other-empowering. God cannot fail to give freedom to others, including those who do horrific things to others. Absolute freedom is necessary for authenticity in relationships. We could accuse God of not creating the “most loving” world, if God wasn’t uncontrolling. There may be plausible moral reasons as to why evils exist and God doesn’t intervene. 

Pursuing God despite challenges

Do you want to believe more in God? I am not sure there is anything to lose in beginning a journey of faith if the desire is to live life with fewer regrets. Personally, the biggest reason for being a God-follower is the inspiration and encouragement I sense in striving to be a better human being. If God is real, they should be able to make their case with each individual. Do examine if claims you believe about God are true. God must be a perfect lover, or they are a God not worth following. I am convinced the world is dependent on partnerships with God for a better future and world.


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