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Is God Controlling Or In Control?

C’mon! God can be in control. Who spoke into existence light, water, land, vegetation, animals, and humans? It takes faith to believe in a Creator or that stuff just evolved somehow from nothing. After observing the birth of my children, it is easier for me to believe there was a Beginner. God created freedom though. God, unlike humans, doesn’t have to control to be in control. If you love something you set it free. If it comes back it is yours. Besides, who desires a forced lover?

Why does this matter? Evildoers, not God, are responsible for suffering in this world. Asking God to control all our circumstances is to ask God to negate or manipulate freedom. God doesn’t interfere with the freedom of others to inflict suffering. God didn’t even protect His own Son from suffering. God doesn’t promise physical protection but that the grave doesn’t have to be our final destination. Evil people can destroy our physical bodies but never our souls, even in death. God promises the protection of our hearts if we desire to live with Him for eternity.

When evil was chosen suffering became part of God’s story to lead us of our own volition to a paradise appropriate for free beings. Instant healing or richness leaves us wanting to be healthier or richer, neither of which lead to true happiness. Dependence on God than circumstances changes us for the better. Martin Luther King removed the scales from the eyes of many that tolerated bigotry. Jesus’ sufferings, not His miracles, really changed hearts. God’s lack of interference in suffering can be to our benefit and empower us to serve others. God does not impose His will on us; God does not destroy or annihilate people at the first sign of opposition. God is patient, hopeful, and forgiving

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