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Andy Stanley’s recent series on Jesus on the North Point Community Church Podcast provides a relevant point applicable for Easter. What if the Gospels are historical reliable and telling the truth about Jesus’ resurrection? Were there actual eyewitnesses? I am inclined to believe One that says they are coming back from the dead the third day and does so. Many of us are just as inclined to believe there is a God or Creator. Witnessing the birth of my children convinced me. Some may hesitant to live a life of faith in God because of what some claim about God. They may be wrong! 

Doesn’t one claiming to be God have to be good?

If God exists even atheists agree God must be morally perfect or a perfect lover. A lesser God isn’t worth believing in. Saying One must be perfectly loving is senseless if we are clueless what “to love” means. Many may argue God can do whatever the hell God wants to defend their understanding of a biblical passage that makes God seem evil. Rationalizations that suggest evil is good sometimes is nonsensical. Is God our role model or not that we should imitate?

We can’t definitively know what God is like according to the Bible

Many interpret the Bible to say women can’t fulfill the same roles as men in the worship or home setting. Personally, I can’t imagine a good God is bias toward men being appointed CEO or to preach. Many scholars who believe in the inspiration of Scriptures don’t agree that a literal Hell is a reality in the Bible. Humans wouldn’t even create such a place to torture their enemies after death. Many biblical claims about God may be false. See here.

What is God really like? 

How would a Creator love? It is only intuitive that a Creator loves the ways their creations feel compelled to love one another. Godly love and perfect human love surely are one and the same. No reasonable human or Supreme being doesn’t respect the compulsion to treat others like we want to be treated. We were born to use our moral sense whether reading a Book or not. Beliefs that don’t seemingly lead to loving others as you wish to be loved if in their shoes may be amiss, because they are contrary to our moral intuitions of perfection.

Are you inclined to believe in a God?

The only God worth believing in seeks to influence to do all the good we can, in all the places we can, at all the times we can, to all the people we can, as long as we can. Such a plan leads to true individual and worldly happiness in the long-run. God through their influence has made me a better man, husband, father, and friend or at least better than if on my own. I have experienced God’s encouragement to continually strive to be better. I got nothing to lose except selfishness and a lousy legacy by living a life of faith in God. Consider what God must be really like!

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