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Beliefs About God

Our beliefs about God’s true nature greatly influence our personal relationship and intimacy with our Creator. Many Christians may be offended by beliefs I defend, but God surely delights more in one seeking to know God than the ninety-nine offended who already know their Creator (Lk. 15:3-7). Biblical interpretations must be plausible based on what a loving God should be like. For example, Hell as endless torture if there is a defensible exegetical alternative, must be rejected. We are in desperate need of reformation of some of our beliefs about God’s true nature!

What Claims About God Rightly Cause Unbelief?


What Does God Believe About Hell?

What Does God Believe About Gays?

What Does God Think About Women?

What Does God Think Of Non-Christian Religions?

What Does God Think About Believers Trying To Convert Others?

What Does God Know About The Future?

What Does God Think About An Inspired Bible?

What Does God Think About Being Told How Great They Are?


Top 16 Things I Wish Others Knew About God

What Are Good Reasons To Doubt God?

Why I Doubt God Is An Excluder Of Religions

Why I Doubt God Closes Heaven To Anyone After Death

Why I Doubt Hell Is Real

Why I Doubt God Is A Homophobe

Why I Doubt God Is A Sexist

Why I Doubt God Is A Mysterious, Moral Hypocrite

Why I Doubt God Is A Blood-Thirsty Child (Jesus) Killer

Why I Doubt God Expects Every Word Of The Bible To Be Viewed As Inspired

Why I Doubt God Is An End-Of-The-World Doomsayer

Why I Doubt God Is An Angry Egomaniac

Why I Doubt God Is A “Hidden Agenda” Proselytizer

Why I Doubt the god of Extremists Or Terrorists

Why I Doubt God Is A Prayer Genie

Why I Doubt God Controls Evil And Suffering

Why I Doubt God Knows The Future And Why It Matters

Why I Doubt God Thinks Certainty Is All That Important


God And Hell – God Is Not A Sadistic Torturer

God And Women – God Is Not A Sexist

God, Women, And The Bible – Is God Or The Writers Sexists

God And Mystery – God And God’s Will Is Knowable

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God And Salvation – God Is Not A Bigot Or Partial

God And Prayer – Why Even Bother

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God And The Last Days – The World Is Not Coming To An End

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