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The Bible is recorded experiences of beginnings with God and Israel culminating with the life of Jesus that we don’t possess in any other documents. It is suspect God inspired views in the Bible that contribute so much violence in God’s name. Weren’t writers influenced by cultural norms that suggested it was sacrilegious to not speak of God being all-powerful and controlling?  God respects freedom of beliefs – including writings – but seeks to influence not coerce for good?

I have suggested here why uncertainty or fallibility may be better than certainty about God and the Bible. Besides, an infallible Book is impossible to prove or claim for two main reasons. It is circular reasoning to use a Book, whether it be the Bible or Quran, to prove it own’s fallible. Secondly, even if we had the original manuscripts of the Bible literature requires interpretations which cannot be claimed infallible. Scholars who believe in the authority of Scriptures disagree what the Bible says about critical issues such as homosexuality, gender roles, and Hell.

A fallible Bible doesn’t mean there is no objective truth according to God.

When I respond to chats online and suggest the Bible may be fallible, a common response is then there can be no objective truth concerning God. That really isn’t the case. If I claim God according to the Bible condemns murder or adultery, there is almost universal agreement because moral laws are obvious. If I claim roles at home or in the church depend on gender as opposed to gifts, there is great division. Scholars defend both egalitarian and hierarchical relationships between the sexes according to the Bible. An infallible Bible requires interpretations, which are subjective, but often declared as objective truth about God.

A fallible Bible doesn’t mean we can’t know God.

The possibility of an infallible Book has led to forcing “supposed” truths onto others of what God is really like. A fallible Book can’t hide behind infallible interpretations. Moral laws that violate the rights of others are obvious. The majority of people born in the world have never read a Bible but have an inborn knowledge of right and wrong. A universal desire to treat others like we want to be treated hints a Creator communicates to all what is good, thus what God is like.

A fallible Bible doesn’t mean the Bible isn’t worth reading.

The Bible was written to find God not specific solutions to problems. Jesus didn’t always answer directly because the issue is our heart in solving problems. Imagine a world where all looked out for the interests of others and not just themselves when facing difficulties! God never intended a Book to take the place of a relationship with God and others. We mustn’t condemn gays, all abortions, etc. or impose morality in God’s name because the Bible supposedly says so. Reading the Bible reflectively with a questioning spirit rather than blind obedience can continue to influence millions to live a more selfless life.

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