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It is more logical to suggest we can’t be certain what an invisible, inaudibly God thinks. But, don’t so many different churches exist, despite the shared message of love because they are certain about their beliefs as opposed to others? One reason for claims of certainty about God is due to certain beliefs about a Book. But, the Bible or any Book can’t be a definitive guide of what God is like because even those who respect as an authoritative guide disagree what it says.

Certainty often leads to unloving actions.

When one is certain what God thinks according to the Bible, perhaps out of fear or respect for a Supreme Being, this can lead to threatening or forcing supposed certainty on others. Condemning gays, though those who accept Scriptures as authoritative don’t agree the Bible disapproves of homosexuality and denying women entrance into the priesthood or pastorate have been justified in God’s name.  Besides, God doesn’t even force beliefs though surely God is certain because that doesn’t lead to changed hearts.

Uncertainty can lead to acting more loving.

Being unable to declare the certainty or morality of our opinions forces us to listen and express ideas openly. Starting a conversation with “I may be wrong” more likely leads to new understandings and creative solutions. Try it in marriage! Conversations change when humbleness is part of the tone. Certainty when it comes to political matters such as taxes or health plans has lead to justifying verbal or physical violence in the name of God or morality.

It is argued that if we can’t know what the Bible says, it can be used to mean anything. This happens regardless because interpretation is always required. Extremists make it mean anything they want in the name of certainty. The truth is there is practically universal agreement on most moral matters. Criminals don’t defend their murderous actions; they deny they committed such actions. Actions that violate one’s physical or emotional rights are clearly wrong. Consensual gay or straight relationships don’t violate the rights of others. We mustn’t condemn gays, all abortions, etc. in God’s name because the Bible supposedly certainly says so.

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