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We can debate proofs for the evidence of God but of course we have to speak in terms of probabilities. We have no tangible, visible proof. That billions are convinced there is a loving God cannot be declared definitely irrational or delusional. It is not irrational either to ask if God is real, why doesn’t God clinch the argument by making their Presence obvious?

God may remain invisible out of uncontrolling love.

God’s awing or overpowering presence may only lead to fearful obligations to obey. Beliefs are seldom lasting if out of obligation and not freely chosen. When parent push their agendas, even if in their children best interests, they may rebel against coercion and never turn back. If God communicates in less demonstrative ways, this may more allow moral development for lasting convictions. God knows forced beliefs doesn’t lead to changed hearts, though God is certain what is always in our best interests.

God’s direct communication doesn’t always work.

God supposedly came visible in the person of Jesus but His miracles did not obtain the results suggested if God would stop hiding. Supposed direct communication via the Ten Commandments by keeping the Sabbath got interpreted to not help injured souls in need. How is human physical presence working for you in keeping you on the straight and narrow? Don’t we hide our feelings or actions from partners or friends when not doing what we are supposed to. It may be best to imagine an invisible, omnipresent Spirt sees all our secrets to save energy hiding.

Supposed certainty according to the Bible has often led to threatening or forcing beliefs on others. Biblical scholars don’t agree that the Bible condemns gays or denies women entrance into the priesthood or pastorate, but these actions are often justified in God’s name.  Being unable to declare the certainty or morality of our opinions can lead to new understandings and creative solutions. Now, there is practically universal agreement on most moral matters. But, extremists satisfy their thirst for control by claiming certainty in matters according to Book subject to interpretation.

God has communicated perhaps in the most loving ways.

God doesn’t have to communicate about non-moral issues any more than a loving parent must tell their child what career to pursue or what relational decisions are best. Many decisions aren’t either moral or immoral. God as any loving parent encourages us to know our gifts and pursue our passions to make for a better world. God hasn’t predetermined the future to make freedom a farce.

One explanation for a universal desire to treat others like we want to be treated is a personal external force communicating through our moral intuitions. There is agreement on most moral matters. We somehow know if an action is moral or immoral. How else do we know it is wrong to murder, steal, lie, commit adultery, or not treat others like we want to be treated? Even terrorists know they don’t want to be beheaded or raped.

There may be rational reasons God doesn’t prove themselves according to our ways.

A Creator may not reveal themselves for reasons we haven’t thought of and would accept in time. I am not sure I am ready to face a visible God yet. I need time to develop morally and avoid rebellion for a life after death with God’s presence. The road traveled of learning, reflecting, and freely choosing personal convictions over time may better lead to heart-felt lasting choices.

P.S. Some may read this and think “your answers just don’t work for me.” There are many rational reasons to not believe in a God.  I just happen to believe in a God that will work with us. I just hope the support I feel from God might be something you are looking for. God can do their own revealing.

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