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I thought what Pope Francis said on 60 Minutes recently about God and suffering may be a helpful explanation to many who struggle with how a good God and suffering can co-exist. I know there are many “yea buts” but for now I will let it stand on its own:

“It’s a question that we all ask ourselves. And if you ask me why children suffer, the only thing I can say is: ‘Look at the Child of God on a cross.’ I don’t know what other answer to give you. But let’s talk about why God allows it, which is the core of the question. Quite simply, because he created us as persons, and as such: free! God is respectful of freedom. He allowed his son to be killed on the cross. The game of human freedom: God risked a lot here! It would more dishonor man, if God could take away his freedom, than if man, with his freedom, committed a crime.”


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