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The Cross is such a universal symbol. I can never quite figure out how to be best express, to avoid misunderstandings about God, why Jesus really died on the Cross. The God I know wouldn’t demand human sacrifice before God could or would forgive us. The God I know wouldn’t demand their child’s murder to save face and appease their sense of justice. God’s character and reputation isn’t based on whether others reject God or not.

What if Jesus and His message was accepted as God doesn’t predetermine choices?

God doesn’t cause others to commit evil acts. The Devil doesn’t make us do it and neither does God! People aren’t always killed because they claim to be God. What if the Jews and Romans had accepted Jesus’ wisdom – the world can be changed by treating others like you want to be treated. Jesus encouraged loving God because that is the same as loving others to the fullest.

Would God manipulate circumstances in case Jesus wasn’t killed, so God could justify forgiving us?

Maybe God just forgives when we have regrets and seek forgiveness. We may still be talking about Jesus because He was willing to die not for God but for a message He believed in. God always seeks to influence one’s moral sense than power over people to encourage genuine, lasting changes.

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