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It saddens and embarrasses me to admit that I use to judge gays as being immoral because I believed such a stance was required to be devoted to God. I know that may seem strange to many, but I hope to explain below. I have been a God-follower for a long time and early on I thought the only way to know God was according to what the Bible said.

But, I have always questioned God. I was taught in church wives were to be submissive to their husbands rather than mutually submissive. I felt this created an environment more conducive for the atrocities women face at the hands of men while mutual submission is harder for men to twist to justify their mistreatment of women. I was taught God created Hell, but I couldn’t understand why a loving God would torturer anyone forever since such pain serves no lasting purpose. Humans wouldn’t even create such a place for their worst enemies. It also made no sense to me why God would condemn gays when they can no more choose who they love than straights can.

Eventually, I came to understand that the Bible can’t be viewed as the authoritative guide to what God thinks because we disagree what it says. Literature is always subject to interpretation even if we had the original manuscripts. God also communicates to us through our moral intuitions. Moral outrage hints of a common, human Creator communicating through our moral intuitions that lead to outrage. For example, there is universal belief we ought to treat others like we want to be treated.

As mentioned final decisions what God may think can’t solely be determined by what we think the Bible says. Our interpretations could be wrong, especially of a Book written over 2000 years ago edited over centuries by dozens of writers. But, I know many are convinced the Bible clearly condemns the gay lifestyle. Please reconsider. A must read is David Gushee’s book Changing Our Mind. Please see what I have written below:

 So, if the Bible can’t be used to condemn homosexuality how can we know what God thinks? God guides us through our moral intuitions. As stated, it makes no moral sense to me why a loving God would condemn gays when they can no more choose who they love than straights can. But, your heart may tell you otherwise, though thinking you must reject your gay child can change minds. Jesus condemned religious folks of this day for using Scriptures to justify unloving actions toward one’s neighbor. Shouldn’t we err on the side that seems more loving to most?  Do we want people to reject God over views about God when we could be wrong?

You may be wondering if I think there are any guidelines when it comes to love. I am convinced the Bible or God doesn’t condemn monogamous love, straight or gay.  I am also convinced monogamous relationship, as opposed to mindless, selfish, uncommitted relationships, are in our best interests. It just seems to be the way we are created. I am not suggesting God-followers impose their monogamous views of sexual behaviors on others. I may speak up when one is involved with many sex partners and their partners aren’t aware regardless whether they believe in God or not; otherwise, I am not going to impose my values on others as God doesn’t even do that to me. God is capable of guiding those who seek God’s guidance.

When there are any doubts what the Bible might be advising, God-followers must take the most compassionate, less judgmental stance toward others. Please don’t tell someone “I love you but I hate your sin.” It is impossible to not feel unloved and rejected when such words are uttered. Gay people will tell you they have no choice. This is who they are! It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t feel natural to you. You aren’t gay. Let’s don’t cause others to keep secrets at the expense of their mental health. If you are absolutely convinced God condemns gay people, I would encourage you to accept one’s sexual orientation as personal and between them and their Creator. God-followers must always use their hearts and minds when loving others, being non-judgmental and putting themselves in another’s skin.

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