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I asked the following questions in this series of Posts which you can read below.

God And A Woman’s Role – God Is Not A Sexist!

  • Why Matters What God Thinks A Woman’s Role Is?
  • Why Matters What Men Think A Woman’s Role Is?
  • What Problems Arise When Roles According To Gender Than Gifts?
  • Can We Determine God’s Views on Women According To The Bible?
  • Does The Bible Definitely Say God Thinks Roles Based On Gender Than Gifts?
  • How Can We Know What God Thinks If Not The Bible?
  • How Have So Many Possibly Gotten The Bible And God Wrong About A Woman’s Role?

It matters what we claim the Bible says about women and roles because many determine their beliefs about God according to the Bible.

I am convinced our hearts tell us that roles in personal, business, or spiritual relationships should be determined according to one’s gifts not gender. Who should be the CEO or Pastor or Priest? The most qualified of course. Who should handle the finances in the family? The most qualified of course.

Since interpretations of literature are not infallible, I typically stand on the side of the interpretation that seems to make the Gospel the best news to those on the edge of accepting or rejecting/ignoring God. I rather not take a chance of others rejecting God for the wrong reasons.

Complementarianism is a theological view held by some in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, that men and women have different but complementary roles and responsibilities in marriage, family life, religious leadership, and elsewhere. I think Egalitarianism or mutual submission is harder for men to twist to justify their subtle or blatant mistreatment of women.

When two debatable interpretations of Scriptures exist on the same issue, it seems more loving to err on the side that leads to less mistreatment of human beings. Choose the interpretation that more likely leads to more love for your neighbor. Men, pretend you are a woman and treat them like you would want to be treated regarding roles.

When we insist the Bible is infallible, we often end up defending our interpretations as infallible. We become dogmatic in our views rather than sharing different opinions with a flexible attitude. The Bible can be used selectively to justify almost any belief in the name of God.

Maybe many have gotten this issue wrong because of their view of Scriptures. They esteem their interpretations over common moral sense, though interpretations and common moral sense come from the same source – the Spirit (John 14:16). Using your moral sense isn’t heresy.

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