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God obviously doesn’t communicate verbally what God is exactly like or would do in every situation. And, the Bible can’t be the authoritative or only guide what God is truly like because even scholars disagree what it says. Literature is always subject to interpretation.

Why then doesn’t God show Themselves or at least write in the sky every morning?

Direct communication isn’t always magical. When God spoke to keep the Sabbath as one of the Ten Commandments, some kept the Sabbath by not helping an injured soul and others understood helping wasn’t violating the spirit of the law. Besides, God’s awing presence may lead to fearful obligations to obey. Beliefs are seldom life-changing if out of obligation and not freely chosen.

Certainty cannot always exist in a free world.

We know what God would do because of “in our gut” moral laws such as murder or abuse. But, do we always forgive someone who denies wrongdoing? When a sexual abuser doesn’t acknowledge their actions, secret behaviors might continue. Forgiving can cause feelings of victimization and bitterness; for others forgiving can control bitterness and possible acts of revenge. We can make the wisest choice we know. In a free world we can’t know with certainty what job will work out best, or that the person we marry won’t betray us.

What can we know about God?

Most assume One claiming to be God must be perfect. Most sense godly and human perfection must be the same as opposed to two perfect standards. In fact, those whose biblical interpretations suggest otherwise justify their explanation by arguing God sometimes is a mystery. We know a lot about perfection because we have a sense of how we “ought” to treat our family and friends.

Total certainty doesn’t always work out.

Proclaiming certainty has led to forcing “supposed” truths onto others. Reading the Bible as an infallible, authoritative guide rather than with an open-mind motivated by love has led to justifying slavery or condemning gays in God’s name. Certainty has led to dogmatism in the name of God rather than open-mindedness and a willingness to grow in understanding.

Uncertainty about God doesn’t have to lead to chaos.

Only extremists who seek to control for their own selfish desires believe forced love rather than free love is God’s way. Differences because God doesn’t drop “words from heaven” can be resolved by respecting the freedom of others as God does. The conversation changes completely when humbleness and open-mindedness are part of the tone while treating others how you wish to be treated if in their shoes.

What is a solution to not pretending we know what God is exactly like or would do?

God’s invisibility can lead to moral growth and making heart-felt, lasting decisions. A loving God surely wishes to encourage and empower us to make choices motivated by love. Different opinions, expressed without physical or verbal aggression, can stand side by side as we continually evaluate the most loving approach. How is threatening or forcing certainty working out? Differences can be resolved by respecting the freedom of others as God does, while continuing to grow in understanding.

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