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“The whole debate, in my mind, is a matter of hermeneutics. Complementarians are not at all consistent with 1 Tim. 2, ignoring the admonitions to women about hair and jewelry and that women will be saved in child bearing—or they do hermeneutical gymnastics with the phrase. They likewise ignore the long passage in 1 Tim. 5 about rules for widows. So they pick and choose their biblical passages. We all do, and we all must be aware of personal bias when we interpret the Bible. But it is arrogant for them to claim that their gender interpretations are right and their challengers are wrong because it is their side that holds tight to the infallibility of the Bible.”

Ruth Tucker –

Those who suggest I Timothy teaches women can’t teach men often allow women to teach women and boys and girls as if they are less important than men! As Dr. Tucker says – if you say women can’t teach because of this passage then women must not be allowed to wear jewelry. If you claim women can’t have authority or teach because of I Timothy 2, do you faithfully apply the rules in I Timothy 5 about widows because God says so? Maybe many have gotten this issue wrong because of their view of Scriptures. They esteem their interpretations as if infallible, over common moral sense and love, though interpretations and common moral sense come from the same source – the Spirit (John 14:16). Human reasoning to discern truth isn’t godless if we believe all are made in the image of God. Don’t check your moral sense at the door when reading the Bible.

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