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“The majority of people born have lived and died without any knowledge of the Bible or who Jesus was.”   John Hick

A loving God wouldn’t only reveal Themselves through a Book, when the majority of humankind has never had a copy of the Bible. The Bible can’t be the authoritative guide because we don’t agree what it says. Ancient literature is always subject to interpretation. God though may communicate more clearly than given credit for. Who doesn’t believe in evil? Our moral outrage hints of a personal external force communicating through our moral intuitions that lead to outrage. We intuitively know how to act in family, work, and other relationships – threat others like we want to be treated. Most believe a Creator or Supreme Being must be perfect to claim to be God. The Bible never suggests two “perfect” standards. God and human perfection are exactly the same, which most intuitively know a lot about.

Which biblical interpretations are best to choose? Choose the one that leads to more love for your neighbor. Men, pretend you are a woman and choose the interpretation that treats women like you would want to be treated regarding roles. If you think roles are best determined according to gender than skills, you don’t know my wife and daughters. I know a lot of women smarter than men and more skilled than men in leadership roles, etc. Now, now, my wife doesn’t disagree with only male leadership like I do. This just happens to be one time I am smarter than she is.

Next in Series: How have so many possibly gotten the Bible and God wrong about women?

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