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“To believe the Bible teaches wives are in subjection to their husbands in a way husbands aren’t to their wives can create an environment more conducive for the atrocities women face at the hands of men throughout history. Mutual submission is nearly impossible for men to twist to justify their subtle or blatant mistreatment of women. Men often interpret leadership as making final decisions when there is a stalemate but there are many creative ways to resolve impasses.” 

Mike Edwards, A Book About God, not published

When two debatable interpretations of Scriptures exist on the same issue, it seems more loving to err on the side that leads to less mistreatment of human beings. Mutual submission rather than leadership is much more difficult for men to twist who are prone to violence and taking advantage of their power over women. But, many men are not such pigs and believe in loving leadership. The problem I have seen is that when a leader is designated, when differences arise creative solutions go out the window. I get that in government or business a CEO may need to be the final decision-maker. But, a dyad isn’t that complicated. I have been married over 35 years and not once was the man as final decision-maker necessary to solve the problem. Besides, give me an inch and I will take a mile!

Next in Series: What problems can arise when roles determined according to gender than gifts?

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