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 “It’s been bothering me since 9/11. What’s the difference between the strain of Islam that proscribes gender roles and its counterpart in Christianity that does the same thing, albeit with a different set of prohibitions?”        Unknown person to the editor of a newspaper

I am no authority on other cultures that dictate what women should wear in public. The men making the rules often hide behind “because God said so according to some Holy Book.” I will address the problem of an infallible Book in a later post, but interpretations of any ancient literature are not infallible. There is wide debate what God says about women, dress, and roles in the Bible. How a woman wants to dress surely is a woman’s business. It is a man’s responsibility to not look if they think they may lust. Maybe we need rules for men to avoid certain dress. Also, the God of Islam and Christianity, if loving, would never deny a woman a role in the priesthood or pastorate if gifted to fulfill such a role. It is hard to imagine a loving God would deny anyone to pursue their passions to make for a better world.

Next in Series: Can we determine God’s views on women according to the Bible?

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