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I am doing a series of Posts concerning women and God. I have written more in detail my views on this issue below, so here I want to simply provoke “food for thought” in hopes the reader will run with it if interested. Many base their beliefs about God on the Bible and assume the Bible teaches roles are determined according to gender and not gifts. Many are rightly turned off by a God if appears to be a sexist. I am deeply offended when my daughters are denied the same opportunities as men despite being as qualified. Now, not everyone can do every role. I can’t be a musician or even a CEO because I lack musical/business skills or the interest. Women make up half the human population so billions are impacted. When roles are determined according to gender, we are denying many women the freedom to follow their passions. It matters what God thinks because most assume One who claims to be God is worthy of imitation.

In This Series of Posts:

  • Why Matters What God Thinks A Woman’s Role Is?
  • Why Matters What Men Think A Woman’s Role Is?
  • What Problems Arise If Roles According To Gender Than Gifts?
  • Can We Determine God’s Views on Women According To The Bible?
  • Does The Bible Definitely Say God Thinks Roles Based On Gender Than Gifts?
  • How Can We Know What God Thinks If Not The Bible?
  • How Possibly Have So Many Gotten The Bible And God Wrong About A Woman’s Role?
  • How Do We Handle Our Differences Regarding God And A Woman’s Role?
  • Final Q & A

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