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God wants what you want – to become the person you deep down desire to be. You don’t have to read any further. I have told you all you need to know about God. Thomas Talbott says it more elegantly: “God wills for us the very thing we really want for ourselves, whether we know it or not…” The Inescapable Love Of God, p. 185.

But, we get a lot of information about God from the Bible and doesn’t the good Book tell us God want us to be what God wants us to be so shut up and give God the glory! The Bible can be used to defend any belief.

Isaiah 43: 6-7 is quoted to make it seem God’s desire for devotion is to remind us of God’s greatness or we can go to Hell: “Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth…whom I created for my glory.” But, 2 Tim. 2: 14 can be quoted to reveal God isn’t an egotistical glory hog: “He called you…that you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Which desire to you think best fits a loving, good perfect God?

I know, I know some friends or terrorists deep down desire to control or kill if you don’t accept their beliefs.

I was talking about you who would even read this far. What do you desire to be deep down? I can only speak for myself.

I want to be a better partner. Okay, I want to be a perfect partner. That means treating Janet like a queen. That means speaking her love language. My wife isn’t materialistic but just once she would love I give her the gift of planning a trip together to change the routine. Whoops! Maybe she will read me writing this one day and I will get some credit for at least having the thought. I want to be more loving, patient, etc. Oh wait, that is what God desires for us.

I want to be a better parent. Okay, I want to be a perfect parent. I don’t want to be known as a controller and want for my kids what I want. I just want them to grow up and not be self-centered. I don’t care if their occupation is what I had in mind or what others think is an important job. I want them to follow their gifts and passions. Oh wait, that is God’s desire for us.

I want to be a better friend. Okay, I want to be a perfect friend. Friends say things they regret. I want to be able to let it go if they come to me and express regret. We can restart. Friends sometimes bug us. I want to be honest with them rather than talk behind their back, but say things in a way I would want said to me. Oh wait, that is what God’s desire for us.

God only want what you want and is hoping you will accept Them coming alongside in your journey to be the best you can. What a legacy to have!

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