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I wrote about this topic recently but I wanted to suggest specific steps individuals and groups can take so differences can be discussed for workable solutions. It seems to me we must agree on necessary actions so change has a chance.

First, violence is never an option unless protecting ourselves from danger.

Protests must be peaceful. Violence must be called out by leadership. Leadership cannot stand silently or speak provocatively implying violence is ever appropriate. Police must be obeyed for consideration of their own safety. Police actions must be reviewed for possible discipline, expulsion, or criminal charges. Police leadership must show how they are not protecting their own in reviews.

Secondly, we must always listen and be open-minded.

Relationships much less nations cannot survive or thrive unless we respective one another rights to have opposing views. It is only when we accept one is entitled to a different perspective that we may listen and change or beliefs as appropriate. The attitude of “I am right and you are wrong” is destroying possibilities of peace and solutions. 

Thirdly, most beliefs can be viewed as personal than moral for discussions to happen.  

The first two steps could lead to much problem-solving, but a third step is necessary for extremely difficult issues. Moral beliefs, such as murder or stealing, are the only beliefs to impose upon others because they violate the rights of others. It is difficult for me to accept that KKK members have a right to their beliefs so discussions can begin, but their actions must not deny blacks their same freedoms. It is difficult for me to accept that gays may not have certain legal privileges so discussions can begin, but we must allow the majority to be the rule of law. Keep in mind personal consensual relationships of the same or opposite gender do not violate the rights of others.

Also, God followers cannot use the Bible definitively to determine moral laws to impose upon others. Ancient literature is always subject to interpretation, thus why those who revere the Bible disagree. No one can claim their interpretation is the correct view of a Supreme Being.

Not being violent, not listening, not being open-minded, and not imposing our personal beliefs are necessary first steps.

The blessing of a democratic society is the freedom to express our personal beliefs and vote when laws are necessary because of personal differences. Laws voted on must be accepted until voted upon again, while allowing the right to non-violent disagreements for discussion. I hope athletes find another way to protest than during the national anthem to avoid perceptions of ingratitude toward our veterans. I wish President Trump could show empathy rather than speak provocatively. You don’t have to be black to understand that blacks continue to suffer inequalities. We must work toward changes.



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