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A divided nation can’t totally unite when their views strongly differ. We can begin by respecting one another’s right to have opposing views. It is only when we accept one is entitled to a different perceptive that we may listen and change our beliefs if appropriate. The blessing of a democratic society is the freedom to express our personal beliefs and vote when laws are necessary because of personal differences.

Those who make peaceful resolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. (JFK)

Violence is never appropriate unless protecting oneself from danger. We must peaceful protest so we can discuss solutions to our differences. It is horrible when people of different color or gender don’t naturally have the same rights. Such views must not be enabled through silence by those who enjoy their rights protected. Violent protestors who share our views must be called out.  Martin Luther King demonstrated change is possible through peaceful means.

Moral laws are the only beliefs rightfully imposed upon others.

Universal immorality, such as murder or dictating religious belief, are intuitive to all except extremists. Universal moral laws necessary for survival can be identified by whether we would accept such actions dictated to other to be imposed on ourselves. Stealing is wrong because we do not wish to be stolen from. Terrorists seek to impose their religious beliefs on others, but they do not accept certain religious beliefs imposed upon them.

Personal beliefs that do not violate the rights of others don’t have to be treated as moral laws.

Gay people obviously believe their sexuality is a moral issue. I don’t disagree. Many God followers oppose homosexuality morally according to the Bible. Though I disagree that God condemns gay relationships, we must find ways to discuss. Personal beliefs can be distinguished from moral beliefs by whether one’s rights are being violated. Rights are not being violated between two consenting adults who can no more love one of the opposite sex than one can love the same sex.

God followers can take an important first step by accepting that any book, such as the Bible, cannot be used definitively to determine moral beliefs. Literature is interpretation, thus we must admit our interpretation may not be God’s view. It is important to recognize that biblical scholars who believe in the value of Scriptures rightly debate if the Bible condemns loving, gay relationships. If sexuality can be discussed in this matter, police actions and other dividing issues can be as well.

Not listening or not being open-minded is not an option. Violence is not an option. Imposing our personal beliefs on others is not an option.

The attitude of “I am right and you are wrong” is destroying possibilities of peace. In marriage couples gradually fall out of love because they forget the only reasonable demands are moral behaviors intuitive to all. All other expectations are negotiable. In a nation of laws personal beliefs can be voted on when necessary. Imagine a world of relationships that did not argue with certainty that their personal beliefs are necessarily moral. True spirituality insists only on the Law of Love which entitles all to form their own personal beliefs if not violating the rights of others.

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