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Many who believe in a God may desire more of a connection with their Creator. After all, isn’t spirituality and God about being more the person we deep down desire to be? There may be as many reasons as there are individuals why we don’t pursue more of a connection, but I am not convinced many are actively rebelling against God as claimed.

Rebelling against God is desiring and believing in selfishness over unselfishness in relationships. Is that really you?

We may not seek out God more because of what we assume about God and spirituality according to others.   

Becoming more of a spiritual person isn’t accepting a set of beliefs others suggest are important to be accepted by God. Besides, which supposed required beliefs do you accept since there are thousands of different beliefs as to what God wants? It is suspect that a good God leaves to chance what beliefs we are supposed to believe.

Spirituality surely is as simple as considering help from your God, if you are so inclined to believe there is a Creator, in being more the person you deep down desire to be. Can you imagine Jesus freaking out if that was our core belief?

We may not seek God out more not because of lack of belief in God, but because of what we believe about God.

We can only be as close to God as our mental images of God allow. Marriages always do better if one doesn’t think their partner is the devil sometimes but deep down truly cares about them. We may not pursue God more because we assume others’ beliefs about God are true, or God is like the poor role models we have had who claim to represent God. The God often portrayed by others condemns gay people, favors men over women despite the history of men abusing power, and created Hell to throw people in after death if they don’t discover the right beliefs before death.  

We may not seek to be more spiritual with God’s help because of supposed expectations or rituals to follow.

God doesn’t demand you seek to convert others to your beliefs. Having more of a connection with God doesn’t mean you have a hidden agenda with others in your interactions. God certainly isn’t in the business of telling people they are going to Hell if they don’t believe certain things. Go to a church, synagogue, or mosque if that is where you are encouraged and able to encourage others in making for a better world. 

So, what can we believe about God?  

All of us wish for perfect love in relationships, and to give such love back. Most of us are striving to be a better person that we are. Such inclinations could be an invisible Creator’s way of communicating to their creations. God can’t ask us to strive for moral perfection unless perfect themselves. Don’t we deep down somehow know that love is uncontrolling, love is forgiving, love is freedom of beliefs when they don’t violate the rights of others. Imagine a world that showed such respect to all. God is exactly like what we expect and hope from others.

God only desires that we love ourselves and others to the fullest, but God is not going to coerce you into such actions.

God’s expectations aren’t that you must believe certain events in the Bible that you may have difficulty believing. Just seek out relationships that encourage spiritually striving to be a better partner, parent, friend, and neighbor. Trust God for faith and encouragement in loving others to the fullest in becoming more the person you deep down desire to be.



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