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Who doesn’t desire to be more spiritual by treating others well, being more the person they desire to be deep down! It is if we were born to pursue spiritual health. Don’t be deterred by others’ beliefs about God. God is capable of speaking for themselves to you.


First, what does it means to be spiritual? Christianity’s over 40,000 denominations prove many cannot agree. Religions seek to encourage but end up confusing. True religion or spirituality is simply loving others like you want to be love in good and difficult times, allowing all to form their own personal beliefs that don’t violate the rights of others.

Don’t let supposed required beliefs keep you from being more the person you desire to be deep down. You can but aren’t required to join a church, synagogue, or mosque. Simply find ways to be encouraged in your spiritual quests.

Do continually pursue a loving lifestyle, even making sacrifices, for your own good. A life not full of regrets is worth it. Just ask your conscience. God doesn’t require perfection. Failure is inevitable. God doesn’t ask for your respect because of ego. Loving God to the fullest is loving others to the fullest. The same is true of loving parents.

Do you have to believe in God to be spiritual? There are so many opinions of what God is really like. Don’t accept others’ beliefs about God if they don’t make moral or relational sense. If God exists, surely such a Deity can reveal their true self to you.

You may not believe in God for very personal reasons. Are you telling me a loving God would not accept you because you have experienced life or intellectual challenges that just make belief in God difficult at this time!

I do experience advantages of my belief in a Creator. Striving for perfection is a challenge. I need encouragement. I need relief from guilt to not loss hope. I need a perfect moral voice outside imperfect human beings. A personal journey with God gets me closer who I desire to be deep down.

So, since I don’t have to believe in God or accept any religious teachings, I can do whatever the hell I want? There is wisdom in numbers. We seem to be made for relationships. Extremists often rely on their interpretation of a Book. Any interpretations opposed to universal moral intuitions that clearly violate the Law of Love surely are false.

Do you wish to be a better person? Become more spiritually-focused. Finds relationships that encourage you in your journey. Talk about your desires to others. Such discussions often are taboo if others have a hidden agenda to convert. God surely can speak for themselves.

“So God, I didn’t always know exactly what to believe. I tried to do the best I could. Sometimes, I even doubted you. I did want to make the world a better place by how I treated others. But geez, I failed a lot. And God said – “I love you” or “Get out of sight.”

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