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Most friends listen respectfully to one another’s point of view and accept their differences or agree to disagree. At least we know we should act that way. Many who sincerely desire to model God’s goodness often converse as if they know with certainty what God thinks about issues that impact others deeply.

Caring for people is far more important than arguing about God.

We cannot always know for certain what the Bible claims about God. Scholars versed in Hebrew and Greek differ in interpretations of the Bible. Jesus only fought with religious folks who proclaimed to others wrongly what God is like. Jesus was guided by the law of love where when one’s freedom is not being violated, relationships are far more important than certain beliefs.

The law of love guides in deeply personal issues such as homosexuality or women in the pastorate or priesthood. Love is the higher calling than being right or wrong about God. I do not think it is enough to agree to disagree with those personally involved. Love demands we cannot claim to always know God’s views, thus judging or condemning others.

We must not suggest God condemns women for using gifts they feel endowed by their Creator. There are many negative consequences denying women serving in the same roles as men if having the same gifts. Not all who hold this view of women’s roles are controlling, but we must recognize how we handle our personal beliefs damages souls if not living by the spirit of love.

Supposed truth is not more important than love.  

Don’t turn people away from God. We must not let our certainty lead to possibly misrepresenting God. Common or loving sense tells us certain actions are immoral such as murder or stealing; otherwise, we must love others if we were in their skins and felt absolutely no control over feelings toward those of the same sex or feeling born to represent God publically.



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