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Most people we know want to be a better version of themselves. We all know how we wish we always treated others; we wish others would treat us that way. Many of us will admit they fall short of their ideal self.

Most of us need HELP in striving to be closer to our ideal.

I don’t wish to say God-less people aren’t good people. We know many God-people that could have less to do with God, or least their version of the God they are seeking to please. I suppose one’s goal could be to be “good enough” or “gooder” than others, but surely constantly striving to be better brings the most satisfaction in the long-run.

If one has found their way in relationships in being all they can be without God, all the power to you. I have in mind those who are striving and recognize their need for help. Even though you may be inclined to believe in a good God who desires to help, the challenge may be that your view of God stands in the way.

What you been told about God is hardly inspiring. How can we know what God is like?

The Bible isn’t always the answer. The Bible is subject to interpretation and even those who refer to the Bible as God’s word can’t always agree on the meaning intended by the writer. I would suggest if a good Creator exists, the presence of moral outrage and universal moral intuitions hint of a personal external force behind our common moral intuitions that lead to outrage. How else do we explain guilt? The other explanation is that our sense of obligation results from the random collection of impersonal atoms over time.

We can know what God is like according to our moral intuitions but moral intuitions must be evaluated.

Most rational people can agree on right and wrong in relationships. Extremists justify their views because of interpretations from a Book. I would suggest interpretations of a Book must never violate one’s conscience. We can know many extremists’ views are wrong because they are self-serving and deny freedom of belief. Why would a good Creator create freedom if forced beliefs lead to genuine relationships?

Consider if you want to be more of a spiritual person, which I take to mean becoming more the person inside you want to be toward others in good and difficult times.

Consider if you fall short of your desires. We all benefit from relationships that guide and inspire us such as parents and bosses who are good role models. The advantage of a relationship with a God who is behind morality is that there is a voice outside imperfect beings. We may not always know what that voice is directing, but the journey of pursuing perfection can be more important than certainty which leads to lording over.




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