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Our mental views of God shape our attitudes toward God. Misbeliefs about God hinder engaging with God to pursue spirituality. If you have a feeling that there may be a God, I am convinced you will not regret pursuing more of a connection with your Creator than regretting having a closer relationship with your partner, children, or friends. In this series of Posts the Bible is referenced because that is from where views of God are often formed. What if you discovered God doesn’t insist spirituality is defined only by supposed beliefs in the Bible?

  • Being spiritual isn’t insisting on belief in the Christian God or the God of the Bible since the majority of people who have been born and died on this earth had no written knowledge of such a God. Suggesting a loving God insists one can only come to God by knowing Jesus ignores the realities of our world. The truth is one’s religion, or rebellion against a certain religion, is based on the family born into whether it be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.
  • Being spiritual is simply striving to love others like we want to be loved which is the kind of person most desire to be. Spirituality should not be confused with being religious or being Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, etc. If you can’t buy into the whole Jesus and Bible thing, don’t throw Jesus’ message out as well. Jesus only wanted others to know their Creator never gives up loving and forgiving us in striving to do good and shun evil.
  • Being spiritual isn’t converting people to a certain religion or set of beliefs; people need to be encouraged to have conversations how to love in their relationships. Jesus’ only agenda was to convince people to listen to their heart. Jesus simply said love God and love others as yourself when asked how to have everlasting life (Lk.10:25-27). In Jesus’ mind loving God was being empowered to love others to the fullest.
  • Being spiritual and being a law-abiding citizen aren’t the same. Laws can’t legislate matters of the heart to address the realities of our world. The Law can require amends for wrongdoing, but the Law can’t tell you to forgive that which can never be returned such as one’s reputation. The Law can require we not speed excessively by a car, but the law can’t tell us to help one stranded. Striving to be just good enough isn’t enough in a broken world.
  • Being non-dogmatic about spirituality doesn’t declare truth is always in the eye of the beholder. You don’t think murder is wrong. Get a clue. You don’t think lying, stealing, or coveting is wrong. Good luck in relationships. Some justify their self-centeredness or immorality, but most agree with the importance of living a more loving life.
  • Being spiritual understands a loving God surely only cares that we have the freedom to consider their existence and the implications. If such a God exist I have a hunch they can figure how to inspire others to be the person they deep down want to be toward family, friends, and co-workers.
  • I will put in a plug for God if you think it is possible God was the Beginner of the beginning. I have messed up in my relationships, but God has influenced me about the importance of confessing, taking responsibility and making amends. I am not quite sure how to explain but a relationship with God, who loves and forgives us, can inspire us to act the same toward others and not give up being an encourager than discourager. Some feel God couldn’t possibly love or forgive after they have done, but I believe God never gives up on us.

Define spirituality for yourself, strive for it, seek others for encouragement, and know how to get back on track when discouraged. My view of God’s love for me does this for me. Identify understandings about God that keep you from becoming more spiritual-minded. Honestly, I don’t think there are any legitimate excuses for being self-centered. Being more spiritual is essential for a better world.

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