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Our mental views of God shape our attitudes toward God. Misbeliefs about God hinder engaging with God to pursue spirituality. If you think there may be a God, I am convinced you will not regret pursuing more of a connection with your Creator than regretting having a closer relationship with your partner, children, or friends. What if you discovered God doesn’t insist on beliefs proclaimed by others necessary to be accepted by God? 

    • God is dogmatic about one belief only. God simply encourages loving others as yourself which is in the interest of all. Forgiving those who regret their behavior is a path to healing. A self-centered life not only hurts those you love but yourself as well. Entering marriage without a life time commitment isn’t fair to your partner and children. Sometimes, we fail for reasons in our control or out of our control. Jesus came to assure that our Creator loves and continually forgives so we might not give up striving to do good and shun evil.
    • Insisting on certain religious beliefs being “the truth” requires conversations with an agenda to convert others to the supposed truth. People don’t need to be converted to a certain religion or set of beliefs. If God truly exist God can draw anyone to themselves if so desired. God surely desires one only act in the best interest of themselves and others. A loving God doesn’t insists on supposed beliefs only found in the Bible when the majority of people born never had such written knowledge while others may have a distorted view of God.
    • The one main belief that kills discussions about spirituality is “I am right and you are wrong.” Guess what! I may be right, you may be right, we may both be wrong. Now, if you think it is right to behead and kill people because they don’t share your personal beliefs about God, you are wrong! Many good, spiritual minded people assume they need to convert their friends to their beliefs in order to be accepted by God. Stop! I do think there are certain views of God that can be empowering in such a journey, but there are no sacred beliefs you must sign up for to begin the journey with God of being more the person you want to be.
    • We may believe Jesus was more of a representative of God than actually being God, since it is hard to understand how one can be God but not God. Jesus’ disciples wavered if Jesus resurrected. It is understandable why we may waver since we rely on historical as opposed to visible evidence. Each must consider the historical evidence for themselves. Jesus acted as if the only law that really matter was the Law of Love. Jesus had more issues with the religious, than the non-religious, of His day who insisted on certain truths to be accepted by God. Jesus confronted the most those whose actions were unloving to others and not those that were denying certain truths.
    • God cares the most about us considering loving others like we want to be loved. We all will be selfish at least one more time but we can strive. Also, in a broken world we have to consider matters such as justice and forgiveness, because one day we may be on that side of the fence. Love doesn’t mean we can’t protect ourselves from those pursing self-gratification. We don’t have to necessarily forgive those who have no regrets and continue to hurt us, but we must find a way to not continue to be victims by harboring bitterness or seeking revenge.

God has no sacred beliefs necessary to stand in your way of pursuing being more spiritual. You don’t have to believe that hell is real or that God judges homosexuals. The Bible is subject to interpretation so beliefs proclaimed to be of God may not be. Identify any beliefs of God proclaimed by others that may be erroneous, thus making pursing spirituality more of a challenge in your life. God only hopes we may come to believe God’s love for us so we might reflect such love back to others.


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