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In upcoming Posts I am going to discuss possible discoveries below in more detail.

Understanding much less having a relationship with an invisible Deity can be complicated. Let’s not accuse those who believe in a God as needing a crutch and those who question the reality of an invisible God of being rebellious or not knowing their feelings. People though may be less inclined to pursue a belief in God because our mental views of God shape our attitudes toward God. What you think or have heard about God may not be true. If you have thought that there may be a God, I am convinced you will not regret pursuing more of a connection with your Creator than regretting having a closer relationship with your partner, children, or friends.

Most religious leaders, including Jesus, would define spirituality as simply striving to love others like we want to be loved. Most of us desire to be that person deep down. Some justify their self-centeredness or immorality, but most agree with the importance of living a more selfless life. Love though isn’t always simply for we have to consider matters such as justice when people hurt us or others. One day we may be on that side of the fence. Relationships may never heal if we never go the extra mile, since we live in an imperfect world.

Spirituality should not be held hostage by debatable views of God. Many who have grown up in the church or with religion will not agree with my definition of spirituality, but I have grown weary of barriers that prevent pursing spirituality when not agreeing with supposed sacred beliefs about God. Don’t throw the message out simply because you can’t buy into what you have heard said about the whole Jesus, Bible, and church thing. I am convinced Jesus wanted us to know nothing can keep our Creator from loving or forgiving us as God seeks to empower all in doing good and shunning evil. Who condemns any parent much less God for such motives!

I am beginning a series of posts to consider reasons some people, who might be inclined to believe in a Creator, struggle to pursue spirituality more purposely because how others have characterized God. The more I understand and respect God the more likely I am going to pursue a relationship with God. In this series of posts I hope possible new understandings about God may spark desires to have more of a spiritual focus in your life in loving others as you wish to be loved deep down to make for a better world.

What if you discovered God’s love is what you imagined would be true of a loving God?

  • What if you discovered God doesn’t insist in certain beliefs proclaimed by others necessary to be accepted by God, especially when you think those views are unloving?
  • What if you discovered God isn’t homophobic, even according to the Bible, and you don’t have to say stuff like “love you, hate your behavior” as if representing God?
  • What if you discovered having a relationship with an invisible God isn’t as complicated as it might seem and there are plausible reasons why God remains unseen at this time?
  • What if you discovered God isn’t a religious extremist much less the God of terrorists who demand certain beliefs or allegiance or be rejected or killed. The God of the Bible doesn’t control free decisions as if that resulted in true love. God though surely is opposed to decisions that violate the rights of others but what parent worth their salt isn’t?
  • What if you discovered God only wishes to encourage loving others without any hidden agenda to convert them?
  • What if you discovered God didn’t create Hell because the Bible says absolutely nothing about the traditional understanding of Hell? Like God is going to sadistically torture people forever for their beliefs while here on earth a short time
  • What if you discovered that God and the Bible don’t advocate gender bias in male/female roles? Roles and responsibilities are best determined according to one’s gifts not their gender
  • What if you discovered God wants the Bible to be read with discernment and not treated as if an idol to worship or Book of rules to tell you exactly what to do in all circumstances.
  • What if you discovered God’s personality is the same as the most loving parent you can imagine? Anger can be another side of love – tough love – when one is acting in harmful ways.
  • What if you discovered the Cross is not story about a blood thirsty Deity who must have their honor and reputation restored by killing their child?
  • What if you discovered God doesn’t have hoops you have to jump through to have a relationship such as going to church or abiding by certain religious rituals?
  • What if you discovered that God’s morals, even in the Bible, are exactly what you would expect from a loving God?
  • What if you discovered that prayer doesn’t have to be so confusing or disheartening since most of our prayers are often not answered?
  • What if you discovered all this crazy talk about the world ending isn’t in the Bible?
  • What if you discovered some plausible explanations as to how a good God and evil and suffering can co-exist?

What belief about God is keeping you from pursuing God or spirituality more purposefully in your life? Do you agree that the world needs more people who discuss and become more spiritual by loving others as they want to be loved? Make being spiritual a constant endeavor and know how to get back on track when discouraged. My view of who God is does this for me. Identify any problems, such as certain views of God that may be erroneous, in making spirituality more of a focus in your life. I am convinced becoming more spiritual brings peace of mind and is essential for a better world.    

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