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Wesley Hill writes: “When I was around thirteen years old, I began to realize that what my male friends were feeling toward girls – a vertiginous delight, an emotional and physical longing, commonly referred to as ‘romantic attraction’ or ‘having a crush’ or, more seriously, ‘falling in love’ – I was feeling toward my male friends, toward men. I found myself noticing them in a way I never had before – noting their newly firming muscles, the hue of their skin, and the depth of their voices. I recall sitting outside one summer on a camping trip, struggling mightily to keep from glancing at one of my best friends whom I was suddenly, and confusingly; finding beautiful. He was wearing shorts, and I realized that I keep surreptitiously looking at his legs the way he would have talked about looking at a girl’s legs, my eyes drawn to their curvature; my heart beating faster with pleasure as a result.” (Two Views On Homosexuality, The Bible, and The Church, p. 124)

How can one read Wesley’s story and judge or not wonder how you would wish to be treated if your story?

Wesley’s account is the story of many that have been rejected by God-followers because of their understanding of the Bible. Wesley is a biblical scholar and gay Christ-follower. Wesley chooses to abstain from sexual intimacy in same-sex relationships, but that is a personal decision that each must make with their Creator.

What does the Bible says about homosexuality?

Passages mentioning homosexuality condemn abusive, unequal, controlling, loveless sexual behaviors for the purpose of satisfying one’s own pleasures. You don’t have to be a God-follower to believe such relationships are selfish. Many scholars suggest Scriptures do not speak about consensual, loving same-sex relationships. Regardless, when the meaning of an ancient text is debatable God-followers must be non-judgmental and put themselves in another’s skin.

God-followers have always had to use their hearts and minds when loving others.

The majority born into this world never had a copy of the Bible. One’s relationship with God has always been the most important guide. For those who do have a copy of the Bible, one must be free to choose their own beliefs as interpretations are fallible. This doesn’t mean anything and everyone is right. Terrorists obviously don’t represent true religion which is never self-serving but for the service of others.

I am not suggesting God-followers impose even their monogamous views of sexual behaviors on others. Many aren’t asking for God’s wisdom in their relationships.

If you have a meaningful relationship with your Creator that you hope others might consider for their own gains, Jesus’ example is telling. Jesus accepted people when not violating the rights of others. Jesus lived a loving life in hopes others might come to know their Creator’s amazing love for them. When others seek God’s direction in their personal relationships, an open discussion can be had.

How does God feel about same-sex relationships?

I can only answer for myself. We must support and respect the feelings and choices of others. God surely only encourages unselfish, caring, consensual relationships to avoid heart-break. I am convinced this is the way we were created. Judgments are not avoidable for the sake of victims. But, there are no victims in consensual monogamous gay relationships except when rejecting others in the name of God. One’s sexual orientation is personal and between them and God if they seek such a voice. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t feel natural to you. You don’t live in another person’s skin.


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