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Imagine a world where we felt constantly inspired to pursue being spiritually healthy. Surely, if we became a more spiritual nation the world would be better place to live in. The pursuit of spiritual healthiness is simply caring for others as we wish to be cared for, understanding in a broken world we cannot always expect instant love in return or relationships may never heal.

When one feels extraordinarily loved they simply want to return that love to others. Children, who have positive, encouraging relationships with their parents, seek to not disappoint not out of guilt but because they know their parents want only what is best for them. Businesses transform when the Boss truly inspires because of how they treat their employees. If one views their Creator as loving them perfectly as we deep down desire to love others, such a relationship can inspire. Mother Theresa once said that she was simply responding to God’s boundless love for her and for all of humanity.

God seeks to inspire by being uncontrolling.

What kind of all-powerful God allows the freedom to choose one’s own personal beliefs? Humans know forced love doesn’t lead to meaningful, long-term changes, yet we try to control our older children when not following our expectations. What kind of God sees how the world has turned out and doesn’t just say the Hell with it, but enters such a world to experience underserved suffering via the Cross to inspire and relate.

God seeks to inspire through encouragement rather than constant disfavor in our battles against self-centeredness.

We constantly fail to live up to even our own standards. A standard of being just good enough or not as bad as others is not going to rock the world. How do you stay inspired to respond in ways that enable the best chance of relationships surviving and thriving? God is always willing to begin anew rather than “pile on” as we sometimes experience from humans.

An inspirational God can give hope to the hopeless in ways humans cannot.

Some have engaged in horrible actions and feel hopeless to change. Overwhelming guilt doesn’t lead to change. Hopelessness can breed more bad actions. But, some if feeling forgiven and accepted by a merciful God may confess and make amends. It is never too late to begin anew with God. An inspirational God can encourage those who question their significance or worth.

Consider your views of God that can help to make a difference in a troubled world.

Spiritually-minded people must stop harping on supposed beliefs necessary to be accepted by God. The only belief require by God is not violating the rights of others. Imagine God’s love being the perfect parental love we have always desired from our parents. Do you need forgiveness to begin anew? Do you need hope that you are important enough to make a difference? Consider what a loving God can do for you. God’s love is the love we deep down desire to show others consistently.


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