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What if you could only change one thing about yourself and everyone else in the world? Okay, there is so much that needs to change but we must start somewhere. Yes, the greater change for the world would be terrorists and dictators converting. But, those evil-bent and not believing unselfishness is an important trait aren’t reading this.

Imagine a world where all faiths were accepted as possibly possessing truth.

Contradictions can be discussed respectfully. Unless your God encourages beheading people, each must be allowed to work out their own personal beliefs. God is surely able to work through individuals to discern essential truth. Many may not pursue being more spiritual minded because the religious argue about individual beliefs rather than focusing on what is the main message of true religion. Imagine what more could be accomplish focusing on commonalities than differences.

True religion is surely agreeing  on the importance of loving others like you want to be love in good and difficult times.

A good God surely only seeks to inspire such love. True religion must be self-sacrifice not self-service. True religion doesn’t insist on any beliefs other than the Law of Love which entitles all to form their own convictions as long as they don’t violate the rights of others. Obviously, religious extremists don’t represent a loving God.

The majority of people accept or rebel against a certain religion based on the family born into whether it be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. A loving God would not ignore the realities of our world and insist one can only come to God through Jesus or anyone else. A loving God would not suggest truth is only in the Bible since the majority of people born have died without any knowledge of the Bible. Besides, many things about the Bible cannot be agreed on. We don’t have to deny personal convictions but the conversation isn’t about certain beliefs to be accepted by God.

Christianity stymies communication when only seeking to convert others to certain beliefs assumed necessary to be accepted by God and obtain eternal life.

If Heaven depends on certain beliefs Jesus would have answered the question. Jesus when asked about eternal life answered by encouraging loving God and your neighbor (Lk.10:25-28). No one is going to Heaven if such actions are required according to God’s standards. Good works can’t be the criteria for getting into Heaven or Jesus set us up to always worry if what is good enough. Jesus simply sought to inspire, through a relationship with God, living a loving life for a greater world.

A loving God would only seek to inspire us to live for the world to be a safer, kinder place?

Pursuing physical healthiness may only impact our lives but pursing spiritual healthiness can impact the lives of those we have relationships with. A loving God like loving parents surely only seeks to inspire and empower us to lead to a life worth living. Find inspiration from your Creator to go the extra mile in relationships or healing can never take place. Care for others like we would want from others if in that person’s shoes.


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