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What if you could only change one thing about yourself and everyone else in the world? Okay, there is so much that needs to change but we must start somewhere. Yes, the greater change for the world would be terrorists and dictators converting. But, those evil-bent and not believing unselfishness is an important trait aren’t reading this.

Can you imagine a world where everyone who had a different opinion always listened carefully and responded respectfully.

Okay, I am talking to the hand. But, I can only change the future not the past. If I continue to think about this, write about it, strive for it then I may actually one day be closer to the kind of person I want to be. We often never get around to attempting solutions because we can never respectfully agree to disagree in hopes we can find common ground.

If only spiritual-minded folks would practice such love like their Leader teaches.

If someone doesn’t agree with them, the other person is going to Hell or they can get the hell out of their church. Do you really believe committed, homosexual lovers are the same as adulterers, thieves, or slanderers (I Cor. 5:9-11)? I see no reason why one, despite their beliefs, cannot accept and respect each seeking God’s guidance in their personal sex life. Church folks condemn gay, committed relationships but they get divorced half the time.

If we could respectfully disagree with one another, as long as personal rights are not be violated, we can actually start watching TV talk host shows like CNN, Fox, etc.

What has been accomplished by talking over one another or shouting the loudest? Why do commentators not let others finish their thoughts rather than each sharing their viewpoint so to possible find common ground, unless they don’t think we would watch?

If we could respectfully disagree in marriage, not nearly as many families would be torn apart.

When young I naively assume once married, love meant the wife and I would begin agreeing on everything. Damn! When one enters a long-term relationship, once a desire becomes an expectation, this translates into demanding behaviors. Differences are normal between any two people, even more so in 24/7 relationships. Great relationships have differences; they just are able to solve them by how they discuss them.

Can you imagine if presidential candidates or political representatives showed respect to one another?

If they actually listened to one another and agreed to disagree, the calmness may actually lead to possible common ground they could initiate change. Who can blame them though? Candidates spend so much money to win elections because we the voters aren’t always influenced just by the facts. What can’t candidates state their position, the other candidate counter with their position and let the voters decide? If you think a candidate has a character flaw, what can’t we point that out with reasoned thoughts, let the candidate defend themselves, and let the voters decide. Disrespecting one another is not going to change the world in the end.

Let’s personally begin by dropping the attitude of certainty – I am right and you are wrong.

Only then might we discover common grounds to make positive changes or persuade appropriately to lead to change.


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