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I get those who may doubt there is a God. I also know many sense there is a God or Creator of the universe. Yet, such people may hesitate to pursue spiritual health with God’s help in ways they may pursue physical or emotional health. Keep in mind I don’t associate God with religion or at least bad religion. I am in good company with Jesus. A God-follower simply cares about being more the person they deep down desire to be deep down. It turns out certain practices associated with being a God-follower, which feel unloving, are not necessary.

God-followers can say Hell No! Jesus didn’t come to save you from going to Hell!

God only wants to save you from discouragements when failing to live up to even your own standards. I have defended that the traditional understanding of Hell, as a torture chamber, can’t possibly be true of a loving God. The God of the Bible never gives up hope, even after death. God-followers can assure others they can be reunited with their deceased loved one after death, even if they weren’t God-followers in their life on earth. All is absolutely hopeful with God.

God-followers don’t try to manipulate their friends into conversations so they can convert them to their beliefs or save them from Hell.

God-followers engage in friendships and conversations for love and to give love. God-followers seek to help the less fortunate because one day they may be in that person’s shoes. God may come up in our conversations but not in manipulative ways but as how friends naturally share their passions in life with one another.

God-followers don’t have to worry about joining some church if not meeting their needs.  

Now, church can be great for meeting God-followers to encourage one another and help others as a community. Some who grew up in church may find other ways to be encouraged and give back to others. Those who never grew up in church may join or may find friendships in different places than on Sunday mornings in a building with formalized music and teaching.

God-followers don’t have to proclaim being the only religion or path to God.

The truth is that the majority of people accept or rebel against a certain religion based on the family born into whether it be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. Suggesting a loving God insists one can only come to God through Jesus is to ignore the realities of our world. God-followers look to share commonalities and discuss differences openly so each can decide their own convictions in pursuing spirituality.

There is so much more positive than negative about being a God-follower.

We love our families though there may be pains at times standing by your family. Being a God-follower sometimes may mean we stand up when family, friends, or others treat act immorally toward others. But, being a God-follower mainly seeks to be motivated and encouraged to achieve the standards they have for themselves internally in relationships. I am convinced God seeks to be an encourager and friend in such a pursuit.




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