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Definitive truth is important as it guides us how to act and treat one another. We may not think much about what is truth, but how we act toward others suggest we all are guided internally by certain absolutes or morals. Whether we believe in a God or not, we all impose upon others by simply being in relationships. It is important to discern how we determine truth in our lives because it impacts how we treat one another.


Truth can’t always be according to one’s heart.


People disagree and since we don’t live alone, we must come to decisions how to live in peace with one another. We have to agree on certain lawful absolutes to avoid chaos. Only extremists refuse to agree that we all have certain rights. You don’t have to be a saint to know that murder and stealing are wrong. The majority may even agree on heart matters such as coveting or lust as the mistreatment of others.  


Truth can’t always be according to the Bible. 


Even if we believe the Bible is the Creator’s inspired thoughts to the writers, we still must discern what the writer meant. “That shalt not murder” is not subject to interpretation. But, some who believe in the trustworthiness of the Bible advocate for just wars while others defend non-violence. We often fail to acknowledge the truth we stand for is really our interpretation which may not be inspired. Also, what a biblical writer advises their audience in certain situations may not apply to our particular circumstances. Turning the other cheek doesn’t translate into women tolerating physical abuse by men.  


We can begin in discerning truth by starting with what seems to be our inalienable right. 


Only evildoers oppose freedom of personal beliefs and actions if not violating the rights of others. If a Creator with creative intentions is how this world came about, they must value such rights for clearly their wishes are frequently opposed. Genuine relationships are obviously impossible without freedom. Without freedom even God could be accused of not creating the “best” world. 


We cannot always know what truth all should be held accountable for, but there are freedom-honoring ways to seek truth.  


We first must admit uncertainty and have an attitude of openness when it comes to what is right for all. Abortion is not a matter that we can claim absolute certainty. It is complicated when rights conflict – the rights of a woman versus the rights of an unborn child who obviously cannot speak for themselves. A starting place may be determining when an unborn child feels pain. Ultimately, nations must agree with laws voted by the majority. 


Certain truths are obvious to the human heart and the stability of a society; otherwise, we must consider one’s freedom to determine personal beliefs that are not harmful to others. Of course, our beliefs regularly impact others so opinions must be considered gracefully. Some are not convinced a loving God would only oppose non-monogamous relationships for the sake of all lovers. I am not sure why a gay couple would want to do business with those who oppose their lifestyle, but as with abortion rights we must abide by the majority determination peacefully.




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