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It is not always easy to explain what a relationship is like with an invisible God. We often debate what God is like but that is more on an intellectual level. Does God allow chances to live forever in heaven even after death, or would a good, perfect God require a place like Hell for choices made here on earth? But, these discussions don’t always speak to us on a relationship level. A recent experience with a friend helped me appreciate even more the relationship I have with God.

I have a friend that I so badly wanted to help. They weren’t necessarily asking for my help, because we don’t always ask for favors to not impose. I had some ideas how I might help just in case they wanted such help. I love the profession my friend is in. We all have to make money to eat, but even better when you have a job that fits with the gifts you have. Whether the job is completely enjoyable depends on factors such as the relationship with boss, whether the environment is adaptable to change in ways you think best for the customer, etc.

My friend was born to be in the occupation they are in. They get great feedback not only from me but from those who manage them, so this isn’t just a friend telling them only want they want to hear. They need to prepare for some exams to be more competent in their role. I was pumped not only because I wanted to make them happy but because they were in an occupation I knew something about. I guess what is different is that God is competent in all jobs. My son had to take the CPA exams and even if I wanted to help him prepare to do well, his eyes would rightly roll because I can be pretty clueless about business and accounting.

My friend hadn’t asked for this help. What if what I had gathered to prepare wasn’t what they wanted. If I asked them ahead of time, they might have declined out of not wanting to put me out. What if I am more exciting about what I have prepared than they are? What if they don’t want the help right now? Sometimes I only want help when I am ready to receive the help. One knows that feeling if you have ever dated or been married.

I love this friend so much that it doesn’t matter how they respond. I wish I could say that was true in all my relationships. I truly felt that my gift had no strings attached, which is what I accuse others of sometimes. If I showed this friend what I had prepared and their response was “no thanks,” I would not have sulked. My joy was in trying and didn’t depend on if they liked the gift or not. It was all about them!

I am convinced that is how God loves us. Now, God doesn’t have intellectual or aptitude challenges like I do in accounting or whatever. God spends their day dreaming and hoping the gifts they have for us will help and be received. But, God experiences plenty of rejection. That can’t be easy for God as many of God’s gifts most would agree that is best for that person. God doesn’t get their panties in a wad if our response isn’t what they hoped, God doesn’t say but this is going to help you idiot, God is only seeking to connect in ways that are mutually meaningful. God must love taking risks to see if they can bring a smile to one’s face.

Do you wish you had more of a relationship with God?

We don’t have to change all our bad habits to be accepted by God. God will take us as we are. We may have the right attitudes about some of our actions but struggle to make lasting changes. That is good enough for God. God can simply give us gifts that humans can’t at times, whether it might be encouragement or acceptance. God’s love for you is perfect. God’s love is the love you wish you could always show consistently to others.

My friend was very appreciative. Even better!

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