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It seems clear to some when they watch their child born or observe creation and all its majesty that there is a Being behind all this grandness. But, there can be as many reasons as there are individuals as to why some aren’t so sure there is a Creator. As well, philosophical arguments may be convincing to some but not all. Each person has to decide for themselves as to what they believe about origins and why.

I cannot think of any human or relational reason for condemning one’s thoughts in spiritual matters by acting as if we can discern the feelings of others. Let’s not pretend as if a Supreme loving being can be proven. Who benefits in attempting to force belief? The supposed God you believe in doesn’t even do that, having creating freedom which can only lead to genuine relationships. You can try to convince your child of your love until you are blue in the face, but a more humane strategy is to walk the talk and let your actions speak for themselves.

For those who do not believe there is a loving God, I would encourage you to make sure that your unbelief isn’t about what others claim about God rather than what may be true. 

Many reject religion because of false beliefs insisted on. True religion surely doesn’t insist on any beliefs other than the Law of Love which entitles all to form their own personal beliefs as long as they don’t violate the rights of others. True religion seeks to serve and not to be served. True religion seeks to inspire others that unselfish love leads to personal freedom.

But, doesn’t the Bible condemn those who deny God because of nature’s evidence?

The Bible doesn’t suggest all who don’t believe in God are suppressing what they know to be true. Audiences in the Bible weren’t rejecting belief in God or gods but rejecting God’s ways to justify selfish actions. Just call behaviors that violate the rights of others for what they are – immoral and destructive.

Let’s not accuse those who believe in a God as needing a crutch and those who question the reality of an invisible God of being wicked and not knowing their feelings.

For those who believe there is a God, we only want others to know God loves in hopes to empower reflecting such love back to others. If God exist surely God can prove to individuals if they are real and if their love is what you imagine would be true of a loving God. I am convinced God’s love is the love we deep down desire to show others consistently for a better world.




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