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Would a loving God really judge doubts? God-followers often insist on certainty. Then, when challenged that the story in Genesis may not be historical genre, they loss hope since they have been taught certain things must be believed or else. God-followers who demand certainty often prove to be unable to talk to others who have questions or doubts. How can we encourage others if not open-minded and willing to grow in understanding?

Must Jesus’ physical resurrection be believed to be accepted by God?

Scholars who aren’t evil suggest the gospels were written much latter and that a physical resurrection was crafted into the story. We can’t really prove the physical resurrection is fact though many can rightly argue the historical evidence fits criteria for beyond reasonable doubt. The historical evidence is indisputable to me that Jesus came back from the dead but I can’t prove it. Jesus’ closest friends doubted His resurrection, despite all the miracles He performed. It is okay to question events that happened 2000 years ago for which we have to trust history since we weren’t eye witnesses.

Many insist that Jesus was both God and man.

Some can’t logically wrap their heads around Jesus being both man and God. Exactly how does one do that chromosomally? Isn’t it logically impossible to be God and not God? Some may be willing to accept that Jesus was an extraordinary man who epitomized who God was. Why can’t we begin there as a discussion as to what teachings and actions of Jesus seem to representative of what a loving God is like.

Many insist that every word and sentence in the Bible is inspired by God.

Why is it not possible to think that the writers may have only written down God’s inspirational thoughts, or God’s respect for freedom may have allowed a writer’s personal views to creep into the Bible? God has always worked through human means available rather than overwhelm with power. Jesus said He was leaving His spirit not the Bible to guide (Jn. 14:16). This doesn’t make whatever one thinks true. If you think it is right to behead and kill people because they don’t share your personal beliefs about God, you are wrong!

There may be many other beliefs that you question or doubt when it comes to a loving God.

You don’t have to believe God condemns homosexual love. You don’t have to believe and sing what a wretched soul God thinks you are just because God is so great. You don’t have to believe that God thinks women should be submissive to men in a way men shouldn’t be submissive to women. You don’t have to believe in many things others claims to be true according to the Bible. Why would a loving God insist on accepting certain information supposedly only in the Bible when the majority of people who have been born never had such written knowledge?

We can have doubts that there is a God. We can have a feeling or hope that a loving God exists.

Millions if not billions have and it cannot be proven they are irrational or delusional. The truth is God either exists or doesn’t exist. God created or God didn’t. God can provide life after death to be reunited with our loved ones or God can’t. If you are on the fence consider what a loving God would be like. Would they encourage you to believe or not that self-centeredness leads to true happiness here on earth? What have you lost going the extra mile in relationships by forgiving those who regret their actions? I can’t prove that God is real, but I am convinced God will reveal themselves to you if you desire such a relationship to help be the kind of person you desire to be.


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