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It is suggested a supposed loving God judges one currently or in the future on whether they believe in God or not, whether they accept things about God they don’t understand or consider irrational. Does God really not understand or have compassion on people’s circumstances which make believing in God more difficult for some than others.

A child who was sexually abuse by their father may struggle to accept a God who is most often betrayed as our Father in Heaven. Does God really judge them?

Some are open or desperately want to believe in God but can’t get their head around why a loving God doesn’t intervene more in so much evil in the world. Does God really judge them?

Many cannot remember a day they didn’t want to be in a committed relationship with one of the same gender, yet they are condemned by religions folks, in the name of God, who don’t keep their own partnership vows. One reason some loving parents condemn their homosexual child’s love is because they believe they must honor God in this way. Yet, in their heart they know the loving thing is to accept their child and let their grown child make such personal decisions on their own. Is God any different?

How can you expect one to have anything to do with a God when God-followers in authority act as if one is inferior to others based on their gender or color of their skins?

One person wrote: “…it’s been bothering me since 9/11. What’s the difference between the strain of Islam that proscribes gender roles and its counterpart in Christianity that does the same thing, albeit with a different set of prohibitions?” Does God really judge those who have faced bigotry in the name of God or felt that God stood by and did nothing for them? 

There are plenty of good reasons why one may not buy into being a believer in God much less desire to have a relationship. This doesn’t make them unacceptable by God or in danger of future consequences after death. Now, if you use all the problems you have had as an excuse to harm others in the same way you have been harmed, isn’t that hypocritical? We all must be held accountable for our actions toward others, regardless of how we have been treated, or the world would be even more chaotic.

I am convinced there is a God who desperately wants to help, not judge, those who have faced unfair consequences of a free world.  

Billions are convinced that believing in a loving God is not irrational or delusional. If you have thought such a God exist, but have struggled to have any kind of relationship because of what has happened to you or what has been claimed to be true about God, maybe everything you hear isn’t true. I believe God promises to stand by each person’s side and reveal to them personally what God is really like. God may be the God you imagine would be true of a loving God. God seeks to help you overcome undeserved tragedies to make a difference and be the kind of person you desire to be.




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