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The Bible is frequently used to condemn homosexual love (i.e. Rom. 1:26-32, I Cor. 6:9-11). The Apostle Paul, who wrote a great deal of the New Testament, possibly authored these two books. These passages couldn’t possibly be talking about committed love between two people regardless of their gender. Paul accuses readers of having no fidelity, no love (Rom. 1: 31). The homosexual actions condemned are compared to adulterous or prostituting behaviors (I Cor. 6:9).

God and the Bible don’t condemn committed love and concern for others.

Paul was referring to sexually behaviors which were only for the purpose of satisfying one’s own pleasures at the expense of others. It is likely Paul was referring to sexual practices that were common in his day. Masters often were involved in sexual acts with their slaves; men were having sex with younger boys. Paul was condemning abusive, unequal, controlling sexual behaviors which are immoral to most rational human beings.

I do think a loving God would advise against uncommitted love which can lead to people getting hurt. Who doesn’t know adultery is wrong. But, I do not make it my practice to seek out those who engage in casual sex between consensual adults. Some women give sex for pay to feed their children. I imagine if they felt they had other options they wouldn’t make such choices. I may do the same if in their shoes. I am convinced the kind of love we were created for is where each partner is equally committed to one another for the long haul, both in good and bad times. Few get married not hoping the marriage lasts for a lifetime.

But, for the sake of argument let’s say one believes that the Bible condemns faithful homosexual love. How should a Bible believer still act? 

If one reads the passages I have cited, they will notice that whatever sexual immoral acts are condemned are compared with greed. In other words the writer equally condemns sexual immoral people and greedy people. You hear a lot more sermons and condemnation on homosexuality than you will ever hear on greed.

If one uses the Bible to condemn all homosexual behaviors, they must use the same Bible to condemn greedy behaviors. I dare to say there is no one, who has enough money to feed their family and buys one extra item for pleasure, that isn’t greedy. This would include having a TV, buying desert, or anything that doesn’t go toward what is necessary to feed one’s family. The same Bible commends those who have extra and don’t share with those in need (Acts 4:32-25). Few if any of us practice such behaviors in our own land must less with those in other lands. It seems to me before one can condemn homosexuality they must first stop all acts of greed.

Church folks condemn gay relationships but they get divorced half the time. One best examine their own life before condemning gay couples who are committed.

Who doesn’t know that any sexual behaviors that are mindless, selfish, uncommitted engagements, as opposed to consensual monogamous relationships, are wrong! We should take a stand against behaviors that are harming others. I am convinced the Bible would suggest taking the less judgmental stance in relationships between consenting adults. Let God guide people in their personal sexual choices. I have a hunch polygamy in the OT wasn’t the Creator’s idea, but God understands personal decision are best freely chosen with guidance from one’s Creator if so desired.

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