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I often write about a relationship with God but it is not easy to describe a relationship with an invisible Deity as one might explain the value of a relationship with a friend. The only terms we have to describe a relationship with God is those we are familiar with such as a friend or marriage partner as Jesus in the Bible is described. God isn’t human of course but we may get close to describing such a relationship when we think of what a relationship with a perfect friend is like. The Bible doesn’t hesitate to describe God as a friend (Jn. 15:15, Jam. 2:23).

A relationship with God is often described as what God will do for us in the future.

If we say the right words or confess our sins then God will save us from Hell in the future. Actually, the Bible doesn’t speak of a relationship with God in these terms. Jesus, who represented God on earth, didn’t focus on future advantages but current advantages of a relationship with God in a troubled world. God simply wishes to help us cope and freely become the person we desire.

God surely epitomizes what a perfect friend would be like.

How would you describe such a friend or marriage partner? In my mind the perfect friend listens without any hidden agenda to control your decisions, as controlling love isn’t genuine. You don’t have to sugarcoat your feelings with a great friend, so you can openly work toward changes most likely to last. Great friends aren’t afraid to take risks and communicate when the friendship feels one-sided. This is the kind of friendship our Creator desires to have with us.

A relationship with God has many influential advantages.

I didn’t always have the greatest example of marriage and parenting growing up. God’s uncontrolling love toward me has influenced me to resist controlling my partner or older children, regardless whether I think I know what is best. This has led to relationships worth having. God doesn’t even control moral decisions that are so against God’s nature. Freely chosen than forced decisions allow lasting relationships worth having.

The best kinds of relationships, spiritual or human, seek to love and trust one another. Partners who attempt to out-serve the other have good marriages. This is only possible when both are committed to treating one another as best friends should. I must admit though a relationship with God isn’t exactly the same as human relationships. Betrayal might cost one a human relationship; whereas, I am convinced God isn’t going to give up on us. You can’t have a real relationship until you decide to enter a trusting relationship, but God is unimaginable patient and forgiving as are loving parents who will wait forever.

It is easier for some than others to have a relationship with an invisible Deity.

I was told God was real growing up and for whatever reason I never rejected that. I can assure you it has nothing to moral superiority. For others God is not afraid to fight to prove themselves. You don’t see how a loving God can condemn marriage between two committed people regardless of their gender. God doesn’t. God isn’t angry all the time. In the Bible God’s anger is the same as your anger against evildoers who deny others the freedom of personal beliefs.

Personally, I don’t feel judged by God if I fail, I am constantly challenged, motivated, encouraged to be more the person I desire to be.

If you have an inkling that there may be a God who desires a friendship, considering taking a leap of trust. If you are unconvinced there is such a Being as a loving, perfect God who desires to be the perfect friend, debate with a supposed God all you want. If God exist surely God can prove if they are the kind of friend you imagine would be true of a loving God.

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