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There are reasons to think our future destination isn’t dependent on certain beliefs while a short time on earth. Don’t reject the pursuit of spirituality because of beliefs claimed supposedly necessary for God to accept us now or after we leave this earth. Whether one chooses to live in Heaven after death will depend on the conversation one has with their Creator at that time. I can’t prove that God or Heaven exist but it also takes faith to believe that “we live and we die.” I am convinced my belief in the possibility of a loving God isn’t wasting my time on earth.

Millions who sense there is an ultimate, superior Reality beyond themselves can agree what that loving God would be like. A tyrant God isn’t worth living for. Just ask those under the rule of an evil dictator here on earth. We all have a sense of what true love is in our relationships. My hunch is you believe we should treat others like we want to be treated. Because of this universal belief, one wonders if One created us for such a purpose. Might you be empowered if your Creator’s love is the same love we deep down desire to receive and show others consistently?

Heaven can’t depend on beliefs here on earth because we aren’t more perfect lovers than God. 

A loving parent’s love is never selfish and always guides for the best interest of their child. Even if your child rebels or rejects you, you never lose hope that your child will want a relationship someday. Do you really think you are a better lover than God? A loving God can’t all of a sudden stop being merciful and forgiving at the moment of one’s last breath here on earth. A God of a thousand chances here on earth is surely a God of second changes after death.

If Heaven depends on certain beliefs, Jesus would have responded differently when asked how to have eternal life.

Jesus only encouraged loving God and your neighbor (Lk.10:25-28). No one is going to Heaven if such actions are required according to God’s standards. Good works can’t be criteria for getting into Heaven or Jesus set us up to always worry if good enough and lied to the thief on the Cross. Jesus’ answer didn’t focus on the future but how to live life here on earth to avoid regrets. Jesus died convincing people life is too short to not focus on living a loving life. Such strivings in life despite failures stir hope for a future with God.

Why did Jesus encourage loving God? Jesus knew God is no different than a selfless, uncontrolling parent who we come to trust always has our best interest in mind. Such love provides comfort and security and inspires and empowers us to want to reflect such love onto others. Jesus knew loving God lead to loving others to the fullest. We mustn’t cherry pick verses such as Romans 6:23: “the wages of sin is death…” The Apostle Paul like Jesus was only warning unspiritual living leads to a wasted life here on earth.

One may argue if certain beliefs aren’t required for Heaven, people will do whatever the hell they want on earth.

We sometimes want to tell people what they better believe to scare the Hell out of them. God didn’t use fear in this way as if that inspires life worth living. Fear is only meant to deter from evil to avoid personal destruction and the destruction of others. But, changes of the heart come from knowing you are deeply loved by a parent or God empowering you to reflect such love back to others.

Yes, there is hope that you will be reunited with your loved ones despite their disinterest or rebellious against God. What if their rebellion is due to erroneous views of who God is? Yes, if you live life that leads to regrets you will have regrets when meeting your Creator. Jesus would encourage His views of God can only empower to be the person we deep down desire to be. We will fail but God will continually encourage in being the kind of person we deep down desire to be. Such a life can provide eternal hope.


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