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We are desperate for a world where people strive to be more spiritual-minded or loving. Most religious leaders define spirituality as loving others like you want to be loved. Christians may be surprised this was Jesus’ message as well along with how God could help us in such a journey, as opposed to believing certain supposed truths. Also, in a broken world we must consider how to love others who act unlovable or relationships may never heal. Unfortunately, such conversations never happen if we act like Jesus-freaks.

Okay! Some avoid spiritual discussions because they are only interested in pursuing a self-centered life. I doubt this is many of your friends.

The Bible is used to suggest all people who don’t believe in God are simply suppressing what they know to be true (Rm. 1:18-32). Actually, this passage refers to those who didn’t deny Israel’s God existed but turned to other gods to justify self-centered harmful behaviors. We must stop assuming those who question the reality of an invisible God are wicked and don’t know their feelings. Just call behaviors that violate the rights of others for what they are – immoral and destructive.

The main reason people avoid spiritual discussions is because they can smell a hidden agenda a mile away.

It simply is wrong to engage in friendships with others for the purpose of converting them to believe as you do without advising them upfront this is your agenda. Christians often believe others must have certain beliefs to be accepted by God. Jesus focused more on what God could do for us, not what we must do to be loved by God or else. Jesus spoke of the importance of true love or how else can the world change. Certain parents or bosses inspire because of who they are. God can be just as inspirational depending on what you believe about God. Just discuss how we can be more spiritual-minded when appropriate.

People avoid those who like to discuss spiritual matters not only because their intentions are to convert them but because many of their beliefs about God are unloving.

Spiritual people often suggest the Bible condemns homosexual love. Does a loving God really condemn committed love? Some suggest the Bible teaches if you don’t believe in God in this life you will burn in Hell forever. Is a loving God really a sadistic torturer? It is no wonder people don’t engage in spiritual discussions with those who have such beliefs about a supposedly loving God.

We have portrayed God as a Parent who has certain conditions to be loved and accepted.

We are reaping what we have sowed. We portray God as wanting to save people from hell rather than being a God who respects one’s freedom to consider how they might make for a better world. God knows what human parents know. Love is necessary but can’t be forced. Freedom is the only path to authentic relationships. “Controlling love” is a contradiction in terms. Who can blame others for avoiding  a God who thinks a relationship comes out of fear than inspiration.

How can we inspire others to pursue spiritual healthiness as much they might their physical or emotional health?

It should be obvious that we need to start acting like true friends act toward one another. We engage in relationships because we are interested in having friendships with others, both to love and be loved. I can no more ignore that I am a lover of God because of who I think God is any more than others can deny their passions. I enjoy discussing what a loving God may truly be like as much as one may want to discuss a great book they read. Spirituality or God may or may not come up naturally in conversations. When it does I am convinced such discussions can lead to a better world by how we treat others.


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