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If God communicated more clearly what God’s views were on matters that divide people, it seems there would be less suffering in the world because of differences. Sincere, loving, spiritual people can believe so differently what God is really like. Division only leads to a waste in emotional and physical resources. Those who agree with what many churches are doing for the less fortunate may turn away because of certain understandings of God. Churches don’t unite to serve more effectively. What doesn’t God do a better job of communicating for a better world?

God’s overwhelming presence and direct communication in the Old Testament didn’t lead to the Israelites always acting on advice that turned out to be in their best interests.

God may have surmised that God’s continued overpowering presence in our lives could cause consuming guilt or obligation to obey. Obligatory choices don’t always lead to lasting change. Getting in the face of disobedient older children or showering them with gifts isn’t always best. Becoming more the lasting person we want to be may only happen when God interferes less and allows greater independence. God’s invisibility may be out of love than cruelness.

God penning the Bible to make matters clearer, rather than working through humans, may not lead to the results we think. Besides, people would disagree what God meant!

Some believe the Bible teaches hierarchical relationship in marriage, though in their defense they argue for servant-like leadership, while others believe the Bible teaches egalitarianism which seemingly leads to less possible abuse by men. Unnecessary leadership, even if loving, invites men in impasses to solve conflicts differently than through normal conflict resolution means between two friends. The Apostle Paul, who wrote much of the New Testament, is accused of not being more emphatic that women are equal to men in God’s eyes. I don’t think Paul was purposefully vague, but Paul was looking to ignite change not a revolt. Do others make genuine changes by demanding rather than respecting certain freedoms?

Clarity doesn’t always lead to more loving actions.

This Post is much different than what I had written. I am convinced this topic is so important for many turn away from God because of misunderstandings. Why doesn’t God give me or others more clarity on this matter? God isn’t intentionally vague but ongoing conversations due to lack of clarity can create a healthy dependence on God. If I knew definitively why God doesn’t communicate more clearly, I am not sure I would be as gracious in my writings by encouraging others to come to their own convictions in the time right for them, as opposed to forcing my views on others.

God may be more of a communicator than believed though.

Most agree right from wrong such as lying, stealing, or murder. Most sense what true love is in relationships. Few disagree we shouldn’t treat others like we want to be treated. Because of this universal belief, one wonders if we were created for such a purpose. We many not always know what is best in relationship challenges, but more is clear than not. Hasn’t God communicated in our souls loving others is simply loving others in the same ways we deep down desire to be loved by others?

Let’s be honest! God writing on the clouds each morning may not lead to following advice clearly in our best interest. 

God communicating the way God does now, where certainty cannot be claimed, may better allow choices in our own time for genuine lasting changes. Many, many of the differences that divide because God doesn’t drop “words from heaven” are easily resolved if we respect the freedom of others as God does. When the rights of others are not being violated, attitudes that allow people to change freely for the better is “I may be right, I am be wrong, let’s do this journey together.” God isn’t hiding or why do so many know the difference from love and hate and good from evil. God has communicated enough and supposed certainty doesn’t always unite.


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